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HK Kurbads wins at HS Riga 3-2 – Liepaja defeated Zemgale after 0-1 at the end with 3-2.

In the Latvian OHL today two games were on the agenda. It started with HS Riga, who had the HK Kurbads guest. In the direct duel, the guests won four of five games, HS Riga won the first game for themselves.

It was exactly the same for Kurbads and immediately sought the way to the goal. Although Riga held against it, but the early lead for Kurbads by Stals, he exploited a pass from Jass, to 1-0 (3.), not prevent. Despite this backlog Riga went on the offensive and found very good chances to equalize. This should also succeed, Ligis takes over a pass from Transus and puts on 1-1 (14.). Then there was a good, open game with many opportunities, but both goalies were able to distinguish themselves several times.

Riga came back from the break after a very good first period with a lot of vigor. After a quick push by Vitolins, and his pass on Zalans, this achieves the 2-1 lead for Riga (23.). The guests were briefly unsure, but came back after a few minutes back into the game. There were very good chances to equalize, but Riga’s defense worked very well. Also Riga came to possibilities, but also Kurbads did not allow too much.

Kurbads came back with a lot of commitment from the break and forced Riga to mistakes. This resulted in a power play for the guests and the chance to equalize. After Zemgale had settled in the Riga zone, Valters put on Bluks and it was 2-2 (43.). This goal set in Kurbads further forces and took over as the game continues to command. Riga could hardly free themselves, so disciplined acted the guests. When everything pointed to an overtime, falls a second before the end of the decision in favor of Kurbads. With the last attack Gipters fit on Zipulis who scored the winning goal to 3-2. With this victory Kurbads reduced the gap in the table to second place Zemgale to one point.

HS Riga vs HK Kurbads 2-3 (1-1, 1-0, 0-2)

In the second game HK Zemgale wanted to continue his winning streak at Liepaja. A good start has also been achieved. Zemgale had a power play after just one minute, and Kurnigins gave the team a 1-0 lead over Begovs ‘pass (2.). Liepaja immediately counterattacked and immediately pressed for equalizer. Through this offensive Zemgale came to opportunities, but could not use them. Shortly before the break Liepaja also came to a power play. Again, this opportunity was taken and Zabis scored after Fomins pass the 1-1 (19.).

This goal just before the break gave Liepaja enough lift to put pressure on Zemgale after the restart. After a solo attempt Maslovskis scored the first lead for Liepaja to 2-1 (26.). Now again Zemgale was required, a defeat would not change the points gap in the table to HK Mogo. Through this offensive Zemgale was often in the fast counterattack Liepaja. Just before the half of the match, Mamcics plays the puck to Fomins and he scores the 3-1 (40.). Zemgale took some time to digest this goal, and Liepaja did not have much of a chance until the break.

In the final period Zemgale tried to escape the threat of defeat and put Liepaja under pressure. After just over five minutes, Prusis was able to reduce his lead to 2: 3 after a pass from Begovs (6). This goal had a motivating effect on the team of Kurbads and switched to offensive. This Liepaja found in some fast counterattack good chances to increase the lead. Zemgale made some good chances, but fail again and again Liepaja goalie Zakrevskis. Time went by Zemgale and Liepaja acted on the defensive very labor intensive. This effort paid off for Liepaja, who can claim the points after this well deserved victory.

HC Liepaja vs HK Zemgale 3-2 (1-1, 2-0, 0-1)