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HK Zemgale clearly wins 7-2 in the away game at HK Lido.

The only Saturday match of the Optibet Hokeja League was HK Lido vs HK Zemgale. In the previous four games of the season Zemgale always went as the winner of the ice, this circumstance should not change today.

Zemgale took the lead after 23 seconds with the first attack and the shot on goal – Dolgushkin closes after a solo to 1-0. Shortly thereafter, Zemgale came to a power play. The hosts make use of a mistake by Zemgale and Kozhevnikov equalizes with a short-handed goal to make it 1-1 (6.). As the game progressed, Zamgale became more and more dangerous in the attack and after a pass from Brauns Novikovs meets for a renewed lead to 2-1 (13.). Lido was then able to make the game more open, but fails mostly on their own play or on the well-standing defense of Zemgale.

After the first break, Zemgale kept pushing for the next goal. Just 122 seconds after the start of the restart, prusis completes the game after a solo attempt to make it 3-1 (23.). This goal brought Lido in uncertainty. The guests made use of this short uncertainty and Millers increased to 4-1 (25.) after a pass from Miezis. That was a small preliminary decision in this game. Zemgale took the pace away from the goal to calm down the game. Lido came through a bit more, but the big opportunities did not materialize. Towards the end of the period pressed again and after a nice play by Begovs scored Miezis to 5-1 (19.).

The final period began for Zemgale as the first. Only 28 seconds were played and Dolgushkin scored the 6-1, his second goal in today’s game. After that, Zemgale slowed the pace a bit and opened up some chances for Lido. In the middle of the period, after a good attack, Yarullin scored the 2-6 (50.). After this goal Lido was still trying very hard to get one or the other goal. But Zemgale continued to play very concentrated, no longer allowing any further big chances for Lido. With the last quick attack Ozollapa completed to 7-2 (60.) which was also the final score in this rather one-sided game. With this victory Zemgale consolidates second place in the league, further behind league leader HK Mogo.

HK Lido vs HK Zemgale 2-7 (1-2, 0-3, 1-2)