LT Hockey League

After a 7-3 victory over the Hockey Punks Energija remains at the league top – three goals scored by Donatas Vitte.

After the victory over Gelezinis Vilkas Kaunas Hockey has come up to three points to leaders Energija. The leader received at home the Vilnius Hockey Punks, who had to take two defeats last.

The guests started in a rage and, after just over three minutes, went through Rybakov 1-0. The league leader needed a time to get used to the high initial pace of the goats. Shortly after the middle of the period Baltrukonis – after pass from Katunis – the equalizer to 1-1 (11.). This goal had a liberating effect on Energija and few moments later Vitte brings the favorites for the first time with 2-1 in front (13.). Now Energija arrived in the game and dominated the last minutes before the break. After a solo by Kubilius completed this to 3-1 (19.). This goal just before the break seemed like a blow to the Punks, because Vitte scored, with his second goal, the 4-1 (20.). The Hockey Punks were apparently already in the cabin with the thoughts, because Vysniauskas scored twenty seconds before the siren to 5-1.

After the break, both teams start each with a power play, but they remained without further goals. The punks came a bit more to play, probably also because Energija took the pace slightly out of the game due to its lead. A well-performed Rankauskas attack, with Kuliesius scoring the 2-5 (26.). It was then a bit harder and in consequence had to take two more players per team on the penalty bench.

The final period started again with penalties on both sides. When they focused on hockey again, the gates fell again. A pass from Vezelis to Isaev brings the 6-2 (54.). That was the preliminary decision in this game. When it came to the end of the game, Vitte could in a power play, with his third goal, the 7-2 achieve (58.). The last goal, as well as the first, shot the guests from Vilnius. In a power play Markovsky uses his chance and scores to 3-7 (59.). With this victory Energija consolidates first place in the league.

Energija Elektrenai vs Vilnius Hockey Punks 7-3 (5-1, 0-1, 2-1)