Legacy Cup 2019

After a thrilling finals Latvia lost to Kazakhstan in the over-time with 2-3 – South Korea after 2-0 victory at Japan on third place.

On the last day of the tournament there was a match between Latvia and Kazakhstan in the match for the tournament. Both teams had impressively won their two games against Japan and South Korea respectively. There was nothing in the way of a good finale.

The game started after less than a minute with a power play for Latvia: Kazakhstan’s goalie Kudryavcev received a penalty for delaying the game. However, despite good chances no goal could be scored. There followed a good game and Kazakhstan also had a double chance to take the lead in a power play during this period. A few seconds before the first break Latvia came to a power play – this was taken in the middle period.

After the break, Latvia starts one more in this period with one player and dominated the Kazakh team. Latvia also took the lead in this powerful phase – Biezais finished 1-0 after a perfect solo attempt (23.). Kazakhstan was roused as a result of this goal and set about counterattacking. Barely three minutes later, Likhotnikov plays to Shestakov, who scored the 1-1 equalizer (26.). Then it went back and forth and Latvia’s goalie Cimeramanis could, like Kazakhstan Kudryavcev, several times with good reflexes to prevent a goal. Kazakhstan will award a 5:3-power-play during this period, and Latvia came back to power play before the break as in the start-up period.

Kazakhstan had a better start in the final period and went through Lashenko 2-1, the pass coming from Gurin (42.). The Latvian team did not want to be beaten so easily and urged immediately to equalize. At about half of the period, this effort was rewarded too – Adelsons with a pass to Maslovskis, who scored the 2-2 (50.). Only a minute later Latvia came to a power play and forgives the opportunity to lead. The last two minutes before the end of regular time Kazakhstan had another power play. Latvia survives this but with much use of the defensive and it goes into overtime.

In overtime, both teams were looking for the decision and there were also some very good chances that defeated both goalies. After a Latvian attack Nekryach came to the puck and after a solo scored the 3-2 for Kazakhstan. With this victory Kazakhstan celebrates the tournament victory in Legacy Cup 2019, Latvia takes second place.

Team Latvia vs Team Kazakhstan 2-3 OT (0-0, 1-1, 1-1, 0-1)

Game place three:

Team South Korea vs Team Japan 2-0 (0-0, 1-0, 1-0)