Legacy Cup 2019

Latvia also wins the second game in the Legacy Cup against Japan 6-3 – Kazakhstan beat South Korea 5-1.

After the impressive performance against South Korea, the second Asian team today was the opponent of Latvia. The Japanese lost to Kazakhstan yesterday and wanted compensation.

But the Latvian team was more active from Bully and had some good opportunities to take the lead. After just over four minutes it was time – Augustkalns meets for pass of Maslovskis to 1-0 (5.). The Japanese tried everything to disrupt the game of Latvians, but they came in a playful outnumber. Latvia knew how to take advantage of this situation and Jakobson scored the 2-0 (14.). After this goal, the Latvian team relented and only 47 seconds Zohovs raised to 3-0 (15.). However, the Japanese did not give up and were able to shorten by Terao, in a power play two minutes later to 1-3 (17.). When, after about a minute, Hayata brought his goal to make it 3-2 to Japan (19.), the game was open again.

The Japanese Team came with a lot of “Harakiri” from the break and urged immediately to equalize. After three minutes, this immense effort was rewarded, Shinohara equal to 3-3 (24.). Now Latvia had to react and started to counterattack. Japan weakened with a penalty of its own and Latvia came to a power play. As in the first period, it was exploited – Augustkalns, with his second goal in this match, takes the lead to Latvia 4-3 (25.). Now it was an open exchange of the two teams with many good chances. After a good move Maslovskis scored to 5-3 (28.). It continued with a quick, good game, with the Latvians managing the situation at all times.

In the final period, Japan tried to make the impossible possible and set the accents at first. Latvia was the more mature and better team in this situation and was able to stop any attack by the Japanese. The final and final decision succeeds just under a minute before the end of Latvia. Japan took the Goalie off the ice for a sixth player. But Biezais came to the puck, “served” Edgars Homjakovs by means of Empty Net goal to 6-3 completed (59.). With this victory, Latvia remains unbeaten.

Team Japan vs. Team Latvia 3-6 (2-3, 1-2, 0-1)


Team Kazakhstan vs Team South Korea 5-1 (1-0, 3-1, 1-0)