Legacy Cup 2019

Latvia wins in the Legacy Cup against South Korea 6-2 – Kazakhstan beat Japan 5-2.

As part of the Legacy Cup, Latvia met host South Korea. For the Asians, this game was also a preparation for the IIHF World Championship Div IA in April.

The South Koreans started immediately and after about six minutes through Sanghoon 1-0 lead – the pass was from Jongmin. Latvia needed a few minutes to realize this goal. After a pass from Zadis succeeds Kalns the meanwhile deserved equalization to 1-1 (13.). The host continued to play his game and so an intricate and fast match developed. South Korea took the lead again towards the end of the period – Kisung exploits a pass from Wonjun to make it 2-1 (19.). The answer of the Latvians was not long in coming. Jakobsons scored the 2-2 (20.) seconds before the break.

After the break, Latvia was clearly the better team and South Korea was at times literally performed. In the middle of the period, Latvia also turned its chances into goals – Edgars Homjakovs scored the first goal for 3-2 (31.). After this goal, the South Koreans made more defensive to drive more attacks. This allowed Latvia further opportunities and one of them uses Arturs Homjakovs, he meets to 4-2 (39.).

Also in the final period, Latvia was the leading team. South Korea came only a few dangerous before the gate of Cimermanis. Ten minutes before the end of the game Stokovs meets – after pass by Demiters – to 5-2 (50.). This goal was the decision in this game. Edgars Homjakovs finishes the game for five minutes, scoring the 6-2 draw (55.) and making the final decision. So Latvia starts with a win in this tournament.

South Korea vs Latvia 2-6 (2-2, 0-2, 0-2)

Team Latvia:

Goal: #30 Rihards Cimermanis (Zemgale), #74 Janis Auzins (Prizma Riga).

Defensive: #29 Edmunds Augstkalns (HK Kurbads), #11 Renars Demiters (HK Mogo), #26 Kristaps Jakobsons (Zemgale), #72 Vjaceslavs Minajevs (Liepaja), #14 Maksims Ponomarenko (Stjernen/NOR), #81 Georgis Puzacs, #5 Arturs Salija (HK Poprad/SVK), #58 Maksims Sirokovs (Prizma Riga),

Forwards: #64 Vladislavs Adelsons (Zemgale), #11 Elvijs Biezais (GAP/FRA), #27 Georgs Golovkovs (Milton Keynes /GBR),  #41 Gatis Gricinskis (HK Mogo), #94 Arturs Homjakovs (Zemgale), #71 Edgars Homjakovs (HK Kurbads), #32 Egis Kalns (Liepaja), #91 Rudolfs Maslovskis (HK Mogo), #87 Karlis Ozolins (HK Mogo), #18 Aleksejs Sirokovs (Prizma Riga), #77 Bruno Zabis (Liepaja), #70 Eriks Zohovs (Zemgale).

furter result:

Kazakhstan vs. Japan 5-2 (3-0, 0-2, 2-0)