LT Hockey League

In a tough game Kaunas-Hockey defeated Iron Wolf Vilnius 6-3.

Kaunas Hockey hosted Gelezinis Vilkas today. The last three clashes Kaunas won impressively. Iron Wolf, on the other hand, wanted to win their first win against Kaunas.

The game was played only 40 seconds, as Iron Wolf had a power play and a minute later even a 5-3-overpower. However, the guests could not take this opportunity, on the contrary: Kaunas goes with a short-handed goal by Kumeliauskas 1-0 in the lead (5.). But Iron Wolf played along and after a good action, Bisturys scores to equalize to 1-1 (11.). Just four minutes later, Kaunas again had a power play and in this scored Guoga – after pass by Streckis – the renewed lead to 2-1 (16.).

After the break, Iron Wolf had a power play – Kaunas’s Streckis’s was in the penalty box – and Cetvertak scored for 2-2 (23.). The joy on the part of the guests did not last long, just 45 seconds later brings Cugajus Kaunas again in the lead and scored the 3-2 (24.). Kaunas showed a tough style of play and Stephansson had to sit on the penalty bench with a 2+2+10 penalty. Iron Wolf could not take advantage of this situation as Kaunas worked very well on the defensive.

The final period started with good play for Kaunas and Jagelivicius scored the 4-2 (45.). When Ziukas scored 5-2 (49.) just four minutes later, that was the preliminary decision in the match. Iron Wolf tried again to get in and Misiukas uses a power play and shortens to 3-5 (50.). However, after that, the emotions in both teams went up and one fight after another evolved. Stephansson (KAU) and Fedorovicius (GEL) were each penalized for one game. But that was not enough in the next few minutes, as many as four players from Kaunas and two from Iron Wolf in the cool box. When the tempers calmed down, hockey was played again and Jagelavicius reached the final score of 6-3 (58.). With this win Kaunas is with five points behind Energija in the league in second place.

Hockey Kaunas vs Gelezinis “Iron Wolf” Vilkas 6-3 (2-1, 1-1, 3-1)