Dinamo Riga fights against Spartak Moscow a 2-1 victory after over-time.

In the home game against Spartak Moscow there was only one motto for Riga – win. Dinamo is only two points behind Sochi in ninth place. It had to be a complete success, a nearly sold out house should be helpful in this project.

Dinamo started as usual right away – Pavlovs with a solo, but fails to Hudacek. The Spartak goalie got a lot to do in a row. Dinamo on the rise – Redlihs pulls his shot close to the goal, Darzins too directly on the goalie. Shortly thereafter, Hudacek tries to knock the puck over the goal, but the puck comes directly to Darzins, who was so surprised and just missed the puck. After about nine minutes also Spartak came in the area of Riga – Fyodorov’s shot lands at Gudlevskis and Vishnevsky shoots over the goal. Minutes before the break, Riga was again on the trigger – Dzierkals awards as well as Shulenin. When it looked like a scoreless first period, McMillan plays behind the Spartak goal standing to Dzerkals, who takes over directly and brings five seconds before the Sirene Riga 1-0 lead.

A few moments after the restart McMillan gives a good opportunity. In the counter-attack, it was Hanzl who forgives the equalizer. The game went now back and forth, a total of just seven minutes without a break (!) Played through. Riga’s Meja only hits the gate and for Spartak, that now came up better, it was Leschenko and Dyblenko. At a hard-to-the limit check from Karsums to Dzierkals, he bangs his head to the board, the whistles of the heads remained silent. In a pressure phase of Spartak Tsyplakov plays the puck towards Riga goal – Zlobin held out the scoop and deflects the puck unsustainable for Gudlevskis to 1-1 in the goal (31.). Spartak still came in for a four-minute power-play in this period, but had to be happy to not make a short-handed strike from Meija. He was just pushed aside by Maxwell. Split seconds before the second break, Riga were lucky – Goncharov fired from the blue line and the puck passes centimeters by the goal.

After the second break Rige put on pace again – Dzerins fails as well as Hudacek as Redlihs – also Mc Millan could not score from his chance. After a good action by Dzierkals the puck rolls in front of the Spartak goal and Shulenin scores the supposed goal to make it 2-1 (48.). This goal was after video evidence, undermined by screaming whistles of the audience, rejected by the referees. The rationale was goalie handicap McMillan, although this was checked by Osipov so that he fell in Hudacek. Despite this decision, Riga played offensively – after all, it was about the play-offs. After a pass from Gegeris Batna just missed the puck. In one of Spartak’s few attacks, Zlobin awarded the winning goal from a respectable position. It went into the over-time.

Overtime lasted only 28 seconds – Maione hit the puck at the center line and headed alone for Hudacek, who was able to fend off his shot. Maione with the extra margin, the puck went to the protector and was suddenly completely free. The upcoming Videll grabs the puck and scores for a 2-1 winning goal for Riga (61.).

Goal scorer Linus Videll was overwhelmed after the game: “It’s great to be back, I missed the hockey so much, and being allowed to win now is just a fabulous feeling,” said an overjoyed Videll. With this victory, one remains two points behind Sochi (2-3 vs Slovan Bratislava) in 9th place.

Dinamo Riga vs Spartak Moscow 2-1 OT (1-0, 0-1, 0-0, 1-0)

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