LT Hockey League

The Hockey Punks Vilnius had to give Energija Elektrenai a clear 0-5 defeat.

In the previous four season games between the Hockey Punks and Energija there were only away wins – each team could win twice each. It should be an exciting game in the Pramogu Arena.

The Hockey Punks went ambitious, almost impetuous in this game and had to survive four (!) Outnumbered games in a row. In the last power play for Elektrenaj the table leader was also in the lead – Gaidauskas meets after pass from Vitte to 1-0 (17.). Shortly before the break, there was the first power play for the punks and could start the middle period with one more player.

This was played very patiently by the punks, however, Energija Goalie Ponomarenko had a very good day and was able to prevent the balance several times. There were two penalties for both teams in this third, goals were scored and so it was an interesting final period.

The final period was very balanced, the Punks tried to make up for it with a very pleasing game – but always ran into the fast counterattack by Energija. In one of these Kubiliuis served the fast Zidkovas and it was 2-0 for the champion (48.). This goal came for the punks at the wrong time. After a few moments, Marcinkevicius scored the 3-0 (50.) and that was the preliminary decision in this game. At the punks the ambition was a bit subdued. After a quick counterattack Kazlauskas meets – after pass from Aliukonis to 4-0 (53.). When Isaev scored the 5-0 just a minute later, the game was finally decided in favor of Energija (54.). After this goal, nothing happened and Energija remains leader in the league.

Hockey Punks vs Energija Elektrenai 0-5 (0-1, 0-0, 0-4)