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Kurbads turns a 0-2 against Mogo and wins in the end 4-3 after overtime – Homedebacle for HK Lido against Liepaja

In the top match of the round, Leader Mogo visited HK Kurbads. The league leaders lost last time at Liepaja and Kurbads won at Riga Prizma only after overtime.

The game started with a furioso from Mogo and took the lead in just under 90 seconds. Saviels takes on a pass from Ozolins and scores for the 1-0. This leadership wing winged and Mogo continued. It only took four minutes since Siknis scored – after preliminary work by Teluskins – to 2-0 (6.). Kurbads was required now. The host caught again and it was followed by an open game. Barely five minutes before the first break Stals succeed the 1-2 (15.). Mogo had to take a penalty a little later and Kurbads came to a power play. This opportunity was also used promptly – Sprukts scores the 2-2 equalizer (17.). A few seconds before the break Kurbads was apparently already in the cabin, as meets Lipsberg’s recent Mogo lead to 3-2 (20.).

In the middle third it was hot – some penalties and numerous chances on both sides. Both teams had set open sights, but another goal was denied in this period.

In the final period Kurbads made every effort to equalize. However, Mogo was very deep in the defense and could also play one or the other dangerous counterattack. Kurbads created a lot of pressure – Cipulis fits to Gipters and this comes to 3-3 (53.). Subsequently, both teams sought the decision, there were opportunities but no more goals. It went into the over-time. This lasted only 99 seconds as Pushkaryov scored a pass from Augstkalns to a 4-3 victory. With this victory Kurbads remains in the fight for third place in the league.

HK Kurbads vs HK Mogo 4-3 OT (2-3, 0-0, 1-0, 1-0)

In the match between the last Lido and Liepaja there was no doubt about the victory of Liepaja, as they had won the last three of four matches impressively.

So Liepaja went into the game and after 74 seconds it was already 1-0 – Zuckovs brings the guests in the lead. Lido had not yet caught up, as ex-Dinamo Riga Forward Mamcics increased to 2-0 (4.). When Rungovskis made it 3-0 a minute later, it was a preliminary decision and 30 seconds later Visockis scored the 4-0 and the game was decided.

After the break the same game – almost two minutes played there meets Kornilovs to 5-0 (22.). In addition, Liepaja came to one or another power play and it fell again goals – Frejs to 6-0 (28.) and Visockis – with his second goal – to 7-0 (33.). Liepaja acted in another power play and Galimov managed by a short-handed goal, the 1-7 (34.). It went on with power play games for Liepaja and Zabis worried the 8-1 (36.) and Mamcics a bit later the 9-1 (37.).

Now Liepaja wanted a two-digit result and Lido wanted to prevent that, of course. This project was not successful – Visockis meets with his third goal for 10-1 (45.). After an inattentiveness of Liepaja Galimov came to the puck and after a solo effort he scored the 2-10 (47.) – his second goal in this game. Liepaja continued to follow and with his second goal Zabis scored to 11-2 (52.). The final goal was scored by Mamcics, who scored the 12-2 with his third goal (56.).

HK Lido vs. HK Liepaja 2-12 (0-4, 1-5, 1-3)