latvija hockwy liga

In a thrilling derby match, HS Riga win 4-3 at Riga Prizma and maintain the play-off chances.

The starting situation was clear – HS Riga had to win to have theorethic chance of the play-offs. In the previous four season duels HS Riga could win only one game…

With this knowledge HS Riga went into this game and acted immediately with impressive play. Prizma could hardly free herself from the grip. After less than three minutes, HS also took the lead – Ornins meets Undelis’ pass to make it 1-0 (3.). This Tpr gave the necessary upswing and a little later Zalans used a pass from Ligis to the 2-0 (6.). Prizma was able to free himself after this goal and found himself some good chances to equalize. In a power play from HS Riga, Prizma’s Riekstins came to the puck and started a quick counterattack – continue to Armands Berzins, who fits Janis Berzins, who was able to shorten to 1-2 (16.). With this score we went into the first break.

This goal gave Prizma the necessary jolt, and of course pushed for compensation after the break. HS, however, was on the defensive very well or could parry Goalie Silovs several times with good saves. The pressure from Prizma became stronger and towards the end of the period, Janis Berzins – after Sirokovs’ pass – scored the 2-2 (38.).

After this goal to equalize Prizma wanted more and continued in the final third of the punchy game – but always ran into the fast, dangerous counterattack by HS. In the middle of the period Marcinkevis brings Prizma into the lead for the first time – he scores 3-2 after submission by Pecura (52.) – Prizma has turned the game over. However, HS Riga did not give up after the goal and started to combine again. After a quick combination Konisevs plays on Zalans, who scored the 2-2 with his second goal (56.). For Prizma, this goal was a shock. HS took advantage of this momentary confusion in the Prizma team. Just under a minute later, Vitolins picked up the puck, matched Skrastins, who scored the 4-3 lead again (57.), HS scoring again and Prizma had to come in the final minutes. Goalie Auzins went down in the last minute, but it did not help. HS Riga brought this victory over time and kept the chances of a possible play-off place.

Riga Prizma vs HS Riga 3-4 (1-2, 1-0, 1-2)