Dinamo Riga leads Dynamo Moscow 2-0, losing at the end by an Indrasis goal with 2-3.

For Dinamo Riga, there was only one point in the Dynamo Moscow game – win. With a win you would overtake Sochi and stand on a play-off place. The conditions are good, Riga has won the last three H2H encounters …

Accordingly, Dinamo also set off immediately. Moscow could hold against it and it was from the beginning a fast and open game. A few minutes after halftime of the first period Riga came to a power-play game. This lasted only 23 seconds and McMillan brings Riga – after preparation by Maione – 1-0 in the lead (13.). Not quite undeserved, because Riga had better chances. Moscow, of course, pushes for equalization, but fails again and again to Riga’s final man, Bilyalov. Both teams still each had a power play, Riga took his in the middle period.

Riga was very active with the playful majority in the back, but also Moscow goalie Bocharov showed his qualities. However, he had just under a minute after the expiry of the underpayment game suffered another goal. Riga’s Batna served Zile, who slammed the puck under the bar, no chance for Bocharov. In a quick counterattack, the only 18-year-old Mikhailov gives his opportunity on the connecting goal. On the part of Riga Berzins and Myttynen could not use their chances. In a power play for Riga Shipachyov gives a huge opportunity of a short-handed, his shot defended Bilyalov from the gate. Dynamo now scented his chance and put pressure on Riga – Bryukvin and Cajkovski missed their options. After a bully in the area of Riga, Mironov comes to the puck, plays through the defense of Riga, puts on Moiseyev and this scores the 1-2 (35.). Moscow gradually put a deflected shot from Indrasis, the puck goes just over the gate. Riga had a big chance ahead of McMillan’s second break and is alone ahead of Boncharov.

In the final perod Moscow started the big offensive. After just three minutes from the restart, the equalizer succeeds – after a shot from Hietanen Yefremov steers the puck unsustainable for Bilyalov to 2-2 in the goal (43.). Only 30 seconds later – Volkov with a long pass over the board to Indrasis, who lets Riga’s Maione stand with a magnificent body delusion and pushes the puck to 3-2 into the net (44.). Spicy detail – Indrasis was under contract with Dinamo Riga last season. Moscow relented and Cajkovski tried a shot from distance. Riga bet on their strengths, but it was sometimes too hasty, so fails Redlihs from a short distance to Boncharov. It went back and forth now – Mironov forgives a good chance for Moscow. Riga even found a short-handed equalizer through Gimayev shortly before the end. Dinamo Riga tried everything again, even when Bilyalov was already off the ice, Moscow had the last opportunity, but Mozer forgives. This defeat is a setback for Riga in the fight for the play-off places, remaining in 9th place, one point behind Sochi.

Dynamo Moscow vs Dinamo Riga 1-2 (0-1, 1-1, 0-0)