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Liepaja defeated Mogo surprisingly 5-4 – HS Riga suffered 2-9 debacle against Zemgale – Kurbads wins at Riga Prizma 3-2 after overtime.

Liepaja only has theorethic odds on the play-offs, but they seem to want to use that. After defeating Zemgale and HS Riga, Leader HK Mogo was a guest today.

The hosts started furiously in this game and went after 43 seconds by Zabis 1-0 lead – while he exploited a pass from Binkulis. Mogo was unable to avoid this quick goal and Liepaja continued his game. Rungovskis succeeds in an urge phase – after Kornilovs’s pass even the 2-0 (16.). This goal inspired Liepaja and they took this lead in the first break.

After the break, an unchanged picture – Liepaja on the rise. In the middle of the period Zabis raises to 3-0 after a quick solo (30.). Mogo up to this time without the very big scoring chances, too close was the defense of Liepaja. When it was time for the second break, former Ex-Dinamo Riga player Mamcics scored the 4-0 (37.) and everyone thought of the preliminary decision. Mogo did not give up yet. In a power play, some minutes before the second break, Mamonovs scored – after a pass from Maslovskis – the 1-4 (38.). This should be a wake up call for a thrilling final period.

In the end period were played 34 seconds when Mamonovs scored after a solo to 2-4 (41.). Now Mogo was wide awake and set off on the big offensive. Scarcely five minutes later it was Siksnis – he exploited a pass from Lipsbergs to 3-4 (46.) and it was again unexpectedly exciting. By the middle of the period, Liepaja – now heavily defensive and seldom counterattacking – came to power play. Now it was also the efficiency in exploiting opportunities – Visockis scored after passing Zabos the 5-3 (51.). Then it was again an open exchange, Mogo made the game and Liepaja defended this lead with much dedication. Mogo scores another goal 20 seconds before end – Zelubovsis scores the 4-5 (60.). This goal came too late. Liepaja fought and brought and celebrate a great victory over the leader of the league.

HK Liepaja vs HK Mogo 5-4 (2-0, 2-1, 1-3)

Kurbads wanted to settle with a victory on the Play-Off place (4), it was hoped for a decrepit of Zemgale. Riga Prizma, on the other hand, wanted to defend his second place in the league and also had the better start.

After a nice combination, Freimanis fits Marcinkevics and he puts Prizma 1-0 in the lead (16.). Kurbads had the chance to equalize, but with the lead for Prizma it was a break. On average, the reverse image – Kurbads on the pusher and Prizma on defending. The effort of Kurbads was rewarded, Sprukts succeeds deserved compensation to 1-1 (27.).

Also in the final period it remained in a very exciting and balanced game. Prizma took advantage of one of their chances and is again headed by Komuls 2-1 lead (48.). Kurbads of course wanted to achieve the balance. He also managed to do so, more than two minutes before the end Straupe scored the 2-2 (58.). This result remained and it went into the overtime. The extension took just under 90 seconds – Homjakovs exploited a pass from Pusharyov to 3-2 and thus to victory. With that, Kurbads still have teh third and second places in the league in the sights.

Riga Prizma vs HK Kurbads 2-3 OT (1-0, 0-1, 1-1, 0-1)

HS Riga hosted HK Zemgale in the last match of the day. Zemgale wanted to defend third place in the league with a victory. Zemgale started right away and took the lead through Zohovs 1-0 (3.). The guests relented and Begovs increased to 2-0 (5.). Afterwards, Riga came into the game better and equalized within 32 seconds – Vitolins scored to 1-2 (8.) and Trasuns to 2-2 (9.). Zemgale was not shocked, Zohovs scored with his second goal, the renewed lead to 3-2 (10.).

After the break, it was a balanced game for the time being. Over time, Zemgale had better chances and these were also implemented in goals. Begovs scored with his second goal for 4-2 (34.) and Adelsons little later in a power play to 5-2 (37.). This goal was a certain preliminary decision in this game.

In the final third only Zemgale played – they wanted a high victory. In addition came a game in excess and Miezis meets for 6-2 (42.). The guests now clearly the better team and also in exploiting the opportunities offered – Rybchik scored to 7-2 (45.). That was the final decision, HS Riga’s defense barely existed. In the middle of the period scored Novikovs – after passing Zohovs – to 8-2 (51.). Zemgale finishes in this game: Zohovs crowns his performance today with his third goal for 9-2 (60.) – Zohovs has today delivered a “four-point game” (3G / 1A). With this victory, Zemgale remains third in the league and only one point behind Riga Prizma (2nd).

HS Riga vs HK Zemgale 2-9 (2-3, 0-2, 0-4)