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In the top game Välk 494 outclasses Leader Viking with 10-2 – Narva wins at Everest 9-2.

In the top match between Välk 494 and Viking Tallinn it was about the league leaders in the league. The host wanted to oust Viking in a victory from the first place.

With this project it started right away. Välk took a 1-0 lead through Jakovlev very early (1.). Tallinn barely digested this fast goal as Sokolov scored the 2-0 (2.). It went on at a high speed and after a good action Gusynin scored the 3-0 (7). Thus, the game has gone very early in one direction. Tallinn did not really get up to speed in the first third and it was the first break.

After the break Välk really started. The pressure on Viking became stronger, the guests could hardly free themselves. This superiority Välk also turned into goals – Voitsekhivskyi scored the deciding 4-0 (26.). Two minutes later, Sorokin scores to 5-0 (28.). So the game was decided in favor Välk. In the last three minutes before the second break, it was a quick success – Filippov scoring the 6-0 (37.), Garanin to 7-0 (39.) and two minutes later Sokolov scoring with his second goal just seconds before the break the 8-0 (40.).

In the final period Välk got more comfortable and allowed Tallinn to pay a little bit. The guests took advantage of the few opportunities – Kuznetsov shortened to 1-8 (44.) and two minutes later Gristsenko to 2-8 (46.). These goals were pure result cosmetics, because Välk wanted a double-digit result. This should also succeed, Jastrebov scores the 9-2 (58.) and Vorang completed this project and scored in the final minute the 10-2 (60.). With this unexpected high win, Välk now overtakes Tallinn and is new league leader.

HK Välk 494 vs HC Viking Tallinn 10-2 (3-0, 5-0, 2-2)

In the second game of today was the league-last by Rybakov surprising 1-0 in the lead (7.). This lead held until the 16th minute, then Kulakov succeeds in equalizing to 1-1 (16.). Narva were the only players to play after the break and made it all clear within four minutes: Aleksandrov scored the first goal for a 2-1 win (25.). The visitors continued and Nevzorov increased to 3-1 (27.). When Petrov scored the 4-1 (29.), the game was decided. In the final Period Narva then made everything clear for the victory. Saprykin scores 5-1 (43.). Only seven minutes later Bogdanov raised to 6-1 (50.), Minin shortly after to 7-1 (52.) and Bogdanov – with his second goal – to 8-1 (53.). Four minutes from time Saprykin scored his second goal to make it 9-1 (56.). The final point was Everest in the final minute – Federovits shortened to 2-9. However, this goal had no effect and Everest was spared a double-digit defeat.

HC Everest vs Narvs PSK 2-9 (1-1, 0-3, 1-5)