latvija hockwy liga

Mogo beat Zemgale 3-2 after 0-1 behind – Liepaja and HS Riga win their matches 2-1.

In the top game of the day, leaders Mogo received the HK Zemgale. The hosts had the better start and went through Adelssons very early with 1-0 lead (2.). Mogo had to put off this quick goal but got better and better into the game. Zemgale was able to keep this encounter open and there were somot odds on both sides. With this tight lead, it went into the middle period.

A quick and interesting game continued to the delight of the audience. At half-time Mogo’s pressure increased and within 80 seconds the game was turned. After a pass from Zelubovskis Sarkanis scored the 1-1 equalizer (32.). Zemgale had not yet realized this goal, as Bakanovs meets – after Maslovskis pass – for the first time lead for Mogo to 2-1 (33.). After this goal, Mogo was the impressively better team, Zemgale visibly shocked after these two quick goals. Mogo pushed on and nine minutes before the second break Mamonovs won 3-1 (40.).

After the break, the guests came again strengthened on the ice and did not want to give up beaten. After a nice combination between Adelsons and Bernhards, Ozollapa shortens to 2-3 (45.). There followed an open exchange on both sides with many good chances. Mogo kontne because of their very safe defense bring this lead over time. With this victory, Mogo consolidates first place in the league.

HK Mogo vs HK Zemgale 3-2 (0-1, 3-0, 0-1)

For a surprise on today’s match day Liepaja caused against HK Kurbads. After a well-balanced first third Binkulis brings, just before the first break, Liepaja 1-0 in the lead (19.). Spruks succeed after only 50 seconds after the start of the 1-1 compensation for Kurbads (21.). It was still a very open game. Liepaja was more effective in scoring the chances and Nekludovs brings the hosts 2-1 up front (36.). In the final third, Kurbads tried everything to equalize, but Liepaja were the happier team today, taking this win over time.

HK Liepaja vs HK Kurbads 2-1 (1-0, 1-1, 0-0)

In the third game of the day was the bottom of the table, HK Lido, at HS Riga guest. After a goalless first period HS Riga went after the break by Prohrenkovs 1-0 in the lead (32.). Lido was ambitious today, but was unable to turn the odds into goals. When in the final third Lidis scored the 2-0 (45.), this was in the game just ebreits the preliminary decision. Although Ozols succeeds shortly after the 1-2 (48.), but the HS Riga brought this narrow result over time.

HS Riga vs HK Lido 2-1 (0-0, 1-0, 1-1)