With a 3-2 win from Riga over Slovan Bratislava, the play-off chances remain intact for the Latvians.

For Dinamo Riga, there was only one inportant point against Slovan – get the full score to save the chance to play-offs. Slovan, on the other hand, wanted to end the series of defeats that had already been going on for seven games.

As usual, Dinamo started immediately and Redlihs missed the first good chance. Shortly afterwards it was McMillan who wanted to serve with a pass against Gegeris, but this came too short. In this key it continued, Redlihs fails at Stepanek and Dzierkalis’s shot goes just beside the goal. Shortly after halftime, Slovan also made the first good appearances – Sukel fails twice at close range to Bilyalov, Svarny and Rau and Buc missed. Redlihs tried a solo but was forced off in time, the subsequent counter Bailey awarded the lead for the guests. Just one minute before the break, then the lead for Riga – rapid attack by Redlihs, passing on Darzins and with a body bluff he hits under the crossbar to 1-0 (19.). Slovan came to attack again, but Lunter forgives the equalizer. In the ensuing conspiracy, Gimayev had to go to the penalty box and Slovan had a power play at the beginning of the mid-period.

In this power-play Slovan found by Sukel or Lamper two equal opportunities before the left unused. Only after about four minutes came back the host – Dzierkals forgives from close range. Slovan did not let up and that brought the goal. After a pass from Buc Liska scored the 1-1 (28.). This was followed by a power play in front of both teams – Darzins fails to Stepanek and Taffe with a double chance to Bilyalov. Just over five minutes before the end, Maione takes a heart and pulls away from the blue line. The standing in the line of fire Dzierkals falsely untenable to 2-1 for Riga (35.). Slovan demanded a challenge. After a more than three-minute continuous involuntary break, in between the singing performance of audience favorite Maione was played at the All Star Weekend, the referees gave the hit well. Slovan had a runaway game shortly thereafter, but had to thank Stepanek, who prevented two short hands from Meja and McMillan. Just under a minute before the second break Slovan was in attack – Klok shoots, the puck bounces back from Bilyalov into the field and Chipchura dusted off to 2-2 (39.). Seconds later, Cerveny even forgives the lead, but Bilyalov was there.

Dzierkals (RIG) and Cerveny (SLO) had to go to the penalty box after a scuffle at the end of the middle period, so the final third started with a four-by-four. Since Slovan has his best time – Sersen gives a great chance, Sukel shoots just missed by a pass from Lunter and a double pass between Buc and Lamper was also unrewarded. Afterwards, Riga came back more, but Marenis and Berzins fail at Stepanek. After a perfect, fast-played attack – Redlihs to McMillan, this continues on Darzins who directly takes over the puck and to 3-2 for Riga (44.). When Riga had yet another power play, Slovan came to a short-handed scoring opportunity – faster counterattack by Cerveny, passing on Svarny, but Bilyalov was on hand. Slovan does not let up and Sersen forgives as well as Lamper chances to equalize. It went back and forth now – McMillan plays to Darzins and again Stepanek was right. Meanwhile injured Gillies (RIG) without external influence and had to be injured brought into the cabin. Slovan had another chance to balance through Taffe, Darzins forgave his opportunity for Riga. The final offensive was started by both – Redlihs, Darzins and Zanetti fail at Stepanek. Slovan – Stepanek left the ice about 90 seconds before the end – Sersen had the best chance, but his shot went just over the goal. Thus, it remains in a win for Riga, and the chances of the play-off remain intact. Riga is only three points behind Sochi, with the same number of games.

Dinamo Riga vs Slovan Bratislava 2-2 (1-0, 1-2, 0-0)