20.01.2019 Vienna Capitals vs. KAC

EBEL regular sesaon 2018/19 20.1.2019 – Vienna Capitals vs EC KAC #72 Siim Liivik (c) Andreas Urban/BalticsMedia

The 30-year-old experienced striker and Estonia national player reaches the play-offs with his club in Austria.

Siim Liivik has been under contract with the Austrian traditional club EC KAC since this season. The club is Austrian record champion and won 30 championships.

On Sunday there was a traditional duel in Vienna with the title favorite, Vienna Capitals. Liivik and his side were 2-0 down to three minutes before the end of the game, equalized 22 seconds before the end of the match and eventually won the game 3-2 after a penalty shoot-out.

20.01.2019 Vienna Capitals vs. KAC

EBEL regular Season 2018/19 20.1.2019 – Vienna Capitals vs EC KAC #72 Siim Liivik (c) Andreas Urban/BalticsMedia

After the match Siim was available for a short interview:

BalticsMedia: Siim, congratulations for this great victory this evening. What a game,0: 2 three minutes from time in the back, equalizer and victory in the penalty shootout. What happened?

Siim Liivik: “We put the puck in finally (smile). It was a tight game. The Capitals leading the league and it was the expected hard game. Why dont know, the last three games isn’t happend like this for us. But it would be nicer 0-2 in behind and come back. We take this, it was a big win. We played good as well, but now we still have a lot of work to do. Ist a good, big win for our team.”

BM: But we take a short look back to the first period, there was only two shoots on the goal from your team. You was very defensive, or was this a tactics from the coach as “we play the Capitals tired”?

SL: “The where good, really very good. The came in as a home game, came in the game with a big, big tempo. Sometimes so it is if you play on the road, the play for the own fans. So the momentum is for them, and we killed this momentum very good. It was only one mistake and the take this one goal. Otherwise we knew the will come with a big tempo. Somtetimes its hard, but we where stickin in there which was good.”

BM: Siim, how you feel personality, your health and performance. You know the Championship in April is near. I think its follow your dream to play this championship with the national team at home.

SL: “Yes I hope so. I feel good, will see what happen in the Federation. If I get the green light, of course. But my first focus is here to win with KAC the championship this year. That why I’m here and I’m ready for the upcoming months and for the Play-Offs, sure.”

BM: I assume you saw the U20 World Championship last week, which won Estonia in an impressive way and went up.

SL: “Yeah, I watched there. It was great. The Estonia Players played really well. Of curse, its a good way to make the Hockey sport more popular in Estonia. I have also Hockey Camp for kdis as well, in Tallin (Siim Liivik Hockey Camp Tallinn). Thats what I try to do as well. I know its an expensive sport, but our camp is really cheap for the kids.”


Interview: Franz Berger/BalticsMedia