latvija hockwy liga

Zemgale are third place after a 5-2 win over Riga Prizma. – Kurbads after 5-1 over Lido now third in the Play-Offs – Mogo consolidates after 6-0 at HS Riga 1st place.

The top match of the day was called Zemgale against Riga Prizma. The home side’s goal was to reduce the points gap to Prizma, who ranked second in the table, to two points.

The game had barely begun as the visitors took the lead – Marcinkevics with a good pass on Riekstins and after 22 seconds it was 1-0 (1.). But Zemgale showed the right reaction, just a minute later Bernhards equalized to 1-1 (2.). A turbulent start for both teams who continued with a quick game. A good exciting game, unfortunately fell to the break, no further goals.

Also in the middle period the spectators were offered a good, fast hockey. There were many good chances on both sides. Zemgale showed more effeciency in the chances analysis – Popovs succeed after pass from Mezulis the lead to 2-1 (36.). Prizma immediately pushed for the equalizer, but after a quick Zemgale move, Misjus raised to a solo, ten seconds before the break, 3-1 (40.). This goal was avoidable for Prizma and an interesting final third was waiting.

The project of prizma was stopped shortly after restarting, Prusis meets, after a precise pass from Begovs, with the 4-1 for a preliminary decision (41.). Prizma did not want to give up yet, but the hosts did not allow much. On the contrary, after a beautifully played combination Zohovs meets to 5-1 (51.). It was then for the guests, Zemgale had the game from now on always under control. Towards the end Zemgale took the pace out of the game and for Prizma opened up one or the other chance. In addition, Prizma came to a power play and Maksim Sirovovs could shorten to 2-5 (58.). This goal was only result cosmetics. Zemgale wins this game and is now ranked third.

HK Zemgale vs Riga Prizma 5-2 (1-1, 2-0, 2-1)

The game between HK Kurbads and HK Lido was really about the height of the victory. For the first time was the obligated during the week Koba Jass. Lido cut off last in the table, Kurbads wanted to save the chance for third place with a win. However, Lido did not make it easy for Kurbad, stood low and at the beginning did not miss many chances. It took a little more than 15 minutes, as Cipulis scored the deserved lead to 1-0 (16.). Lido kept playing her game and Kurbads pushed for the next goal. Just before the break, Gipters scored after a pass from Jass to 2-0 (18.).

Lido came with more commitment from the break and pushed for the goal. This also succeeded, Galsons after a solo scored the 1-2 (22.). Thus the game was surprisingly open again. Lido took advantage of the surprise effect and of course wanted the compensation. But Kurbads reversed his playing style and sought the way to the goal. The playful superiority has now also been used – Homjakovs plays to Zembergs and he scored the 3-1 (29.). This gate was liberating and Kurbads played her own game again. There were some good chances and Homjakovs scored, after a pass from Valters, to 4-1 (36.).

In the final period Kurdas was clearly the better team, Lido was no longer in danger to influence the game. Kurbads continued to play and Upitis increased to 5-1 (53.). Thus, the game was finally decided in favor of Kurbads. With this victory  now moved up to third place. However, this may still change after the last game of the day between Zemgale and Riga.

HK Kurbads vs HK Lido 5-1 (2-0, 1-1, 2-0)

League leaders HK Mogo were at HS Riga today with just a theoretic chance of a play-off spot. Mogo determined the game away from the bully. It took five minutes because Cinks takes over a pass from Sarkanis and it was 1-0 (6.). Only three minutes later, it was Sarkanis himself who got the 2-0 (9.). Mogo took the pace after this goal and HS Riga also came to one or the other chance. A few minutes before the first break Mogo had a power play and Lipsbergs trufft to 3-0 (18.).

In the middle section of the leader clearly controlled the game, Riga hardly able to turn the game. The preliminary decision was made three minutes after the restart. Maslovskis scores after a pass from Ozolins to 4-0 (23.). HS Riga tried but the scoring failed. In the final third made Siksnis with the 5-0 final clear (52.). The final point in this game was Gricinskis with the 6-0 (58.), which made so half a dozen full. After this victory, Mogo remains in first place and HS Riga no chance of the play-off.

HS Riga vs HM Mogo 0-6 (0-3, 0-1, 0-2)