Lithuania keeps a mini-chance of promotion with a 4-0 victory over Spain.

For Lithuania today was perhaps the last chance to make the climb yet. For this, today’s opponent, Spain, had to be defeated. So far this team have had a strong performance, losing the previous games with only one goal difference, which should not make things easier for Lithuania.

The Lithuanian team started well and had the first power play after two minutes. Spain’s defense was very tight and it was not easy to get chances. The pressure from Lithuania was very high after the penalty time, and the first goal fell. Kudrevicius with his pass on Binkulis and this scored the 1-0 (5.). In the continuation of this game, Spain also had the opportunity of a manpower – but even the untrue defense allowed nothing. So it was with the lead for Lithuania in the first break.

After the break, Lithuania continued with the punchy game and had plenty of good chances. Spain’s goalie Barbo has a lot to hold. Shortly before halftime fell the gates – Krukovski scored after Washco passing the 2-0 (28.). Only two minutes later, Grinius raises to 3-0 (30.), and again gave Washco Assist. Spain continued hard, but Lithuania was clearly the better team today and had the game until the second break constantly under control.

Lithuania continued to be the better and more active team in the final trimester. At times, they offered fantastic hockey. This also resulted in the next goal – Kukrovski scored, in a power play that Lithuania had taken from the mid-period period, with his second goal, the 4-0 (47.). That was also the decision in this game in favor of Lithuania. After this gate, not much happened. Lithuania clearly controlled what was happening on the ice, and Spain was not in a position to influence the game. With this victory, Lithuania keeps the mini-chance for promotion, but relies on foreign aid.

Spain U20 vs Lithuania U20 0-4 (0-1, 0-2, 0-1)