Estonia celebrates promotion after a 7-2 victory over South Korea.

After the surprising defeat of Romania Estonia has today the chance with a victory to get a big step closer to the ascent. South Korea, on the other hand, wanted to rehabilitate itself for its previous achievements.

The first third was very balanced with a lot of playful elements. Estonia was more dangerous in attack, but the South Koreans were very confident in the defense. The first power play had the Asians, but they could not score a goal. Estonia has even had the chance of a playful advantage twice, but even here there was no chance despite good chances. So it’s scoreless in the first break.

After the break, the same game was offered for the time being. However, the pressure from Estonia became stronger and Goalie Tae Kyung Kim had a lot to do. Shortly before half time it was time – Jogi brings Estonia 1-0 in the lead (29.). The South Koreans tried to equalize immediately, running repeatedly into the fast counterattack of the Estonians. After such a Svartbro meets to 2-0 (34.). South Korea did not give up and fought bravely, even temporarily holding the game under control. Estonia was very confident in the defense and it went into an exciting final period.

After a turbulent start, South Korea succeeds within a minute of the surprising equal – Sangwon Kim scored in a power play the 1-2 (42.) and 64 seconds later meets Geon Woo Kim to 2-2 (43.). Estonia even had a playful underage but showed fighting qualities. After a quick counterattack, Linde scores with a short hander for the renewed lead to 3-2 (44.). Now the audience got a great hockey. Estonia was more effective in exploiting the odds – Novzorov scored the 4-2 (48.) to go it alone. As soon as Novikov scored the 5-2 (50.), that was the preliminary decision in this game. Estonia played well now and followed suit. South Korea weakened itself with penalties. Another power play in the same minute brought the 6-2 by Lodeikin (50.). That was the game decided. The final point came after a solo Savenkov, who fixed the final score with the 7-2. With this win Estonia is the first place to take and celebrated before the last match day promotion to the Div IA.

Estonia U20 vs South Korea U20 7-2 (0-0, 2-0, 5-2)


Romania U20 vs Great Britain U20 2-4 (0-1, 2-3, 0-0)