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Kurbads wins 5-1 over HS Riga – Riga Prizma with 7-1 debacle for Lido – Liepaja defeats Zemgale 5-4 after penalty-shoot-out.

In the top game of the round, Kurbads hit HS Riga. For both teams, it is still about the entry into the play-offs, but had to win Riga. However, Kurbads could win the last three games in the H2H comparison.

The first few minutes were a game on equal terms and both teams showed very good ice hockey. Kurbads with more pull to goal and goalie Silovs got a lot to do. The pressure of Kurbads became larger with persistence. The logical lead – Porejs resigned with an accurate pass to Zembergs, who scored the 1-0 (15th).

After the break, Riga came out of the cab with more power and of course wanted to equalize immediately. This should also succeed – just before the middle of the period used Jevdokimovs a pass from Undelis to 1-1 (29.). At this time a deserved goal. There were still many chances, there were no goals in this period.

In the final period, both teams decided that they wanted to take the full points with them. About halfway through the period Upitis scored in a power play 2-1 for Kurbads (50.). Riga played immediately to equalize, but then caught two goals within a minute – Straupe exploits in a power play a pass from Pushkaryov to 3-1 and Cipulis meets to 4-1 (54.). Thus, the game was definitely decided in favor of Kurbads and remains on a play-off place. The last goal in this game scored Sprukts. Single-handedly, he scored the finsl goal to 5: 1 (60.). Thus, Kurbads remains on a play-off place.

HK Kurbads vs HS Riga 5-1 (1-0, 0-1, 4-0)

For Zemgale it was about the third place in the table, because Kurbads would come back with a win over HS Riga. It was a balanced first period with some good chances for both teams. Goals came after the break.

Adelsons brings Zemgale into 1-0 the lead after just over three minutes (24). Liepaja did not put back, sat to the counterattack and Razgals manages the quick equalization to 1-1 (25.). Zemgale then had to put a player on the penalty bench and Liepaja had a power play. This was also played very well, as Kalns brings the guests into the lead for the first time – 2-1 (29.). That did not let Zemgale sit on his own, and only 19 seconds later Ogorodnikovs made it to 2-2 (30.). That was not enough, the home side followed suit and came to a power play. Begovs uses his chance and meets for renewed lead to 3-2 (34.).

The home side felt the uncertainty in Liepaja defense and a few seconds before the second break Rybchik scored the 4-2 (40.). Liepaja did not give up, tried to come up again. This effort was rewarded and Vilmans shorted the score to 3-4 (46.). Liepaja activated after this goal once again all forces and searched the way to score the draw. Zemgale pushed too far back and two minutes before the end of the game Zuckovs scored the equalizer to 4-4 (58.). With this score, it went into overtime. This score went into extra time. After a goalless over-time, the penalty shoot-out has to be decided. Since Liepaja had the better end for himself, Zuckovs scored with the decisive penalty to 5-4.

HK Zemgale vs Liepaja 4-5 SO (0-0, 4-2, 0-2, 0-0, 0-1)

In the game between Lido and Prizma Riga, the winner was never in question. For this purpose, the home side weakened by penalties themselves. Prizma knew that to implement goals and Marcinkevics scored the early 1-0 (7.). Prizma had many more chances but goals did not want to fall in this period.

After the break, it took just under a minute and Prizma increased by Maksims Sirokovs to 2-0 (21.). Lido tried again to get there. Opportunity was in a power play. But Prizma acted more actively and Pecura with a long pass on Brahamis provides with a short-handed-goal to 3-0 (32.). This goal was a setback for Lido, they still did not give up. Again, the host had a player more on the ice. And again Prizma had the better end for himself – Berzins on Riekstins and this scored the 4-0 (38.). That was also the anticipation in this game.

A few moments after the restart, Marcinkevics scores with his second goal to 5-0 for Prizma (41.). After that, the guests took the tempo out of the game and Lido came up with an opportunity, which also became a goal – Kamolins shortened to 1-5 (42.). After a great played by Prizma – Grinbergs taking a pass from Maksims Sirokovs and scored the half dozen full to 6-1 (55.). Marcinkevics scored the final goal of the game with his third goal, the final score of 7-1 fixed (60.). With this victory Riga Prizma consolidates second place in the league.

HK Lido vs Riga Prizma 1-7 (0-1, 0-3, 1-3)