After a turbulent game, Lithuania lose 4-5 to overtime against strong Romanians – Spain win 3-2 over South Korea.

The Lithuanian team had to compete today against the leader of the tournament – Romania. After the defeat against Estonia Lithuania had to play for victory, which is not easy against a strong and compact team from Romania.

This project had a strong start, Kudrevicius brings Lithuania – after pass of Ragas – after just 52 seconds in a 1-0 lead (1.). Romania showed a reaction. Barely a minute later, Vaslie succeeds single-handedly in the counter-attack equalizer to 1-1 (2.). Then the powder was shot and both teams secured the defense. It was a good, fast game and both goalies got a lot to hold. The Romanians showed a tough style of play. Lithuania had four power plays in a row, but could not score. Shortly before the first break Romania’s Gajdo had to go to the penalty box and Lithuania took the power play into the next period.

With a player more on the ice Lithuania put on a great power play. Romania’s Casaneanu was also charged by the referees with a 2-minute penalty and Lithuania had a 5:3-overplay game. This situation was also used – Rumsevicius scored the lead to 2-1 (22.). Romania but unimpressed and started again to counterattack. After an accurate pass from Reszegh to Vizi, he hits the ball to make it 2-2 (24.). It went back and forth with many great scenes. Krukovski serves Washco with a pass and he puts Lithuania back in front with 3-2 (28.). After that, Lithuania became cocky and Romanians came to a power play a few minutes before the break. This lasted just under 36 seconds and Romania equalized by Buzas to 3-3 (37.). With this stand it went into the second break.

In the final third no team wanted to risk more than necessary, but it continued to span. Lithuania lost almost five minutes before the end of the match. Romania took advantage of this opportunity – Vizi exploits a 4-2 on Szabo and puts Romania in the lead for the first time in the game (57.). But Lithuania had the right answer ready from the bully – after 23 seconds Jankauskas made up 4-4 to the surprise of the cheering Romanians (57.). The last few minutes had Lithuania with one player less contest – Grinius was charged with a 2 + 10 minute penalty. But Romania could not take this opportunity and it went into the over-time.

In injury time, both teams sought the decision. After some good opportunities for both teams Reszegh scored the victory for the 5-4 for Romania shortly before the end (65.). With this victory, Romania remains at the top of the table. Lithuania, on the other hand, is dependent on foreign aid in recent games to make it possible to climb.

Lithuania U20 vs. Romania U20 4-5 OT (1-1, 2-2, 1-1, 0-1)


South Korea U20 vs Spain U20 2-3 (1-2, 1-0, 0-1)