After a 5-2 win over Great Britain, Estonia is in first place in the table.

The starting position for Estonia was clear – in a victory over Great Britain you are at the top. The British wanted to build on the victory over South Korea and make a good position in the fight for promotion.

In a balanced first third, there were many chances, but also some penalties. However, the pronounced power plays could not put both teams into goals. It was a tough but fairer game. Shortly before the break Estonia came again to a payoff game. This time it worked and Aleksandrov scored after submission of Novikov the 1-0 (20.). With this guide we went into the first break.

After the break, Estonia continued to increase Jogi in another power play 2-0 (25.). Now the British woke up and just two minutes later Kirk scored after a solo attempt the 1-2 (27.). It was now at a high level back and forth. Five minutes after the goal, Hast managed to score 3-1 for Estonia (33.). Great Britain now pushed for more goals, which were denied.

At the beginning of the final third, the British had the opportunity of a power play, but remained without a hit for the time being. They did not give up and increased the pressure. These tactics went on and Kirk scored with his second goal, the 2-3 (46.). It was exciting again. The Estonians resumed the game and only a few minutes later Anufrijev scores the 4-2 (49.). Great Britain was now trying its best with the crowbar, repeatedly running into the dangerous counterattacks of Estonia. After one of these attacks Aleksandrov scored his second goal 5-2 (53.). That was the game decided. Great Britain could do nothing against it and had to accept the defeat. With this victory Estonia is at the top of the table and steers towards the ascent.

Great Britain U20 vs Estonia U20 2-5 (0-1, 1-2, 1-2)