Estonia win 2-1 over Lithuania after penalty shoot-out. – Great Britain celebrate 13-1 victory over South Korea – Romania defeats Spain 3-2 and is the new league leader.

The top match of today’s matchday in the Tondiraba Icehall in Tallinn, was the Baltic duel between Lithuania and Estonia. Both teams were able to win their opening games. The winner remains at the top.

It began with a scan, neither team wanted to take too high a risk to get a quick goal. The Estonians put on a harder pace. and after three minutes Lodeikin got a 2 + 10 penalty. However, Lithuania could not capitalize on it, it was scoreless. Lithuania also had to play in two under player games, but this also survived without conceding and it went scoreless in the first break.

The middle period began with a double penalty for both teams – Anufriev (EST) and Misiuk (LTU) clashed and were set by the referees on the penalty bench. It remained an open, fast game with good chances. Both goalies got a lot to do and were able to distinguish themselves several times. As the match continued, Estonia gained a slight playful preponderance and forced Lithuania to make mistakes. In a power play for Estonia fell the first goal – Linde scored after preliminary work by Novikov 1-0 (35.). The joy of the Estonians was so great that they suddenly had six players on the ice and now Lithuania had a power play. Estonia defended this lead with the utmost dedication and had an power-play-game towards the end of the period, with no further goal.

After the restart, the Lithuanians pressed hard – they wanted the balance. After just over five minutes, the effort was rewarded – Jankauskas used a pass from Binkulis to deserved 1-1 (46.). Now the game was open again, but none of the teams could exploit the opportunities offered. In the end, Estonia had another opportunity to decide the game with a power play, but it remained in the draw and it went into the overtime.

After a quick balanced but scoreless over-time, the decision had to fall in the penalty shoot-out. Here Estonia had the better end for itself. Lithuania could not score a penalty in goal, for Estonia Alexandrov exploited his penalty to 2-1 victory. That’s the prestige duel for Estonia.

Lithuania-U20 vs. Estonia-U20 1-2 OS (0-0, 0-1, 1-0, 0-0, 0-1)

futher results:

Romania-U20 vs Spain-U20 3-2 (1-2, 1-0, 1-0)

South Korea-U20 vs Great Britain-U20 1-13 (0-3, 0-5, 1-5)