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In the top match of the day Mogo wins at Riga Prizma 4-3 after a penalty shoot-out – Liepaga defeated HS Riga 5-0.

In league hit today Leader HK Mogo was in league second, Riga Prizma, a guest. This match was designed to meet the expectations of spectators – Mogo won his two home games in the previous three season duels, as did Prizma. It should be exciting.

The hosts started immediately and put Mogo under pressure. It took a little more than five minutes when Prizam was allowed to cheer – Grinbergs scored after a pass from Smirnovs the lead to 1-0 (6.). Mogo struggled to build the game in a row, also because Prizma was very well on the defensive and so far allowed little. Shortly before the break then the surprising turn – Maslovskis meets after pass from Ozolins to 1-1 (19.). Prizma had barely digested that goal, bringing 34 seconds later Gricinski Mogo for the first time with 2-1 lead (20.).

This goal before the break had Prizma first put away. Mogo takes advantage of this uncertainty in the team and Gricinskis increased shortly after the restart to 3-1 (22.). The host was not beaten so easily and came back into the game. Barely five minutes after the third goal Berzins shortened – after submission of Liepa – to 2-3 (27.) and the game was open again. Mogo did not retire and it developed an open exchange with many opportunities. It went into an exciting final period.

Here Prizma put everything on one card and worked out chance by chance. However, Mogo was very confident and Goalie was able to prevent the equalizer several times. After six minutes in this then the redemption for the hosts – Komuls scored after passing from Berzins the much acclaimed equal to 3-3 (46.). Both teams then looked for the decision, goals fell no more and it went into the over-time. There was a goalless stoppage and it had to decide the penalty shoot-out. Mogo had the better end for himself – Ozolins exploits only his penalty and Mogo consolidates with this 4-3 victory the championship lead.

Riga Prizma vs HK Mogo 3-4 SO (1-2, 1-1, 1-0, 0-0 0-1)

In the home game of HS Riga against Liepaja, there was a small surprise. The guests with a solid performance went through Minajevs with 1-0 in the lead (8.). A few minutes before the break Pavelsons raised with a single action to 2-0 (18.). HS Riga never really got going, which continued in the rest of the game. Maslovskis increased to just after the break to 3-0 (22.) – which meant the preliminary decision. Riga could not argue, the score much more effective. In the final period made Minajevs with his second goal to 4-0 all clear (44.). HS Riga now risked everything and took eight minutes from the end Goalie Silovs from the ice. Liepaja takes this opportunity and Nekludovs scored the final score with a 5-0 empty net goal (53.). Riga have lost the league after this clear, unexpected defeat, staying farther than 5 “below the line” and therefore not in the Play-Offs.

HS Riga vs Liepaja 0-5 (0-2, 0-1, 0-2)

In the third game of the day Zemgale was at the Last Lido guest. Bernhards brings Zemgale 1-0 up front (2.). Lido fought openly, but just before the break Homjakovs scored in a power play 2-0 (20.). After the Psue played only Zemgale at the beginning and took advantage of the opportunities offered – Begovs after pass from Miezis to 3-0 (30.) and 16 seconds later Homjakovs to 4-0 (11.) – his second goal in this game. After a double strike by Miezis to 5-0 (14.) and 6-0 (37.), the game was finally decided on Zemgale. Zemgale took the pace now out of the game and Lido was able to shorten shortly before the second break to 1-6 by Ozols (39.). In the final period, 46 seconds were played as well as Feoktistovs uses his chance and puts on 7-1 (41.). That was the last goal in this game, Zemgale was satisfied and consolidates with this victory third place in the table.

HK Lido vs HK Zemgale 1-7 (0-2, 1-4, 0-1)