Lithuania are top of the league after a 6-4 win over Great Britain – Estonia beat Spain 2-1.

For the Lithuanian U20 team it was the first international appearance since the restructuring in the association. President Zubrus turned his attention increasingly to the training in youth work. In the first game, Lithuania got involved with the secret tip, Great Britain.

The Lithuanians started right away and took the lead with the first power-play – Washco also scored the passing of Grinius to make it 1-0 (2.). Shortly thereafter, the British conceded the next punishment and again Lithuania uses this playful overweight: Grinius himself scored the pass for Gusevas 2-0 (4.). A perfect start so far and it got even better. A nice combination between Washco and Grinius and this sets with his second goal to 3-0 (8.). After that, Lithuania took the pace out of the game. The British but again charged with a penalty and Misiuk also meets in the third overweight game and it was 4-0 (17.) after the first third.

After a cabin sermon by Head Coach Koulikov, Great Britain was able to open the game more openly after the break and set its own course. In addition, Goalie Kerlin made room for McLaughlin. In the middle of the period, Waller reduced to 1-4 (30.) after a pass of Kirk. The Lithuanians got a little nervous and had to play a few minutes later in a underweight game. Great Britain knew how to use this and Buesa scored the 2-4 (37.). This goal woke up the Lithuanian team again and just under 90 seconds later Washco hits with his second goal to 5-2 (39.).

In the final period, the British put everything on one card and created a lot of pressure in the game. Lithuania was carried away to a punishment. Great Britain also uses this power play and Neilson scores for 3-5 (46.). There followed an open exchange and there was a very good hockey game to see. It went back and forth, both teams sought the decision. Great Britain had another power play. After a bad pass Washo came to the puck and sat with a solo to counterattack, let Goalie McLaughlin no chance and scored the 6-3 (55.). That was the final decision in this game. Great Brtiain coach Koulikov tried everything again, took the goalie from the ice. Again, the British score – Gulliver meets for 4-6 (19.). After the bully McLaughling went again from the ice, this time, nothing happened and Lithuania celebrates a 6-4 win and is the first championship leader in the group. Tomorrow is the Baltic duel against Estonia on the program.

Great Britain-U20 vs Lithuania-U20 4-6 (0-4, 2-1, 2-1)

Host Estonia started their first game in Tallinn against the Spain team. It also started very well, Jurgens scored after preliminary work by Novikov the 1-0 (3.). As a result, Estonia fails to take advantage of the opportunities that have arisen as a result of the Spanish defending itself. It was with this tight jump in the first break. The Spaniards came out of the cabin with more confidence and it took almost a minute to equalize. Donath uses a template from O’Hare to 1-1 (21.). This goal unsettled the Estonian team and it became an open game. In a power play towards the end of the third Lodeikin uses his chance and brings Estonia again with 2-1 lead (17.). With this guide, it went into the final section of the unfortunately scoreless. With that, Estlang wins a close but deserved 2: 1 and gets the first three points.

Estonia-U20 vs Spain-U20 1-2 (0-1, 1-1, 0-0)

further Result:

South Korea-U20 vs Romania-U20 1-2 OT (1-0, 0-1, 0-0, 0-1)