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Mogo celebrates 7-1 victory at Lido – Riga Prizma defeats Liepaja 4-2 – Zemgale wins at Kurdads 5-2.

Kurbads received the HK Zemgale in the game of the table neighbors. It was the expected balanced game at the beginning. The first goal was scored by Zemgale – Ogrodnikovs breaks the barrier of Kurbad’s goalkeeper Calpa and scored the 1-0 (13.). Kurbads of course wanted to equalize immediately, but the defense of Zemgale was very safe and brought the lead in the first break.

The home side took the momentum from the first period and forced the guests to mistakes. Kurbads also came to power play and Upitis scored the 1-1 equalizer (23.). Only two minutes later Homjakovs scored again for Zemgale, he exploited in a power play a pass from Popovs to 2-1 (24.). It was now out and both teams came to good opportunities. In the middle of the third, Cipulis equalized 2-2 (31.). It was an open game now. After a nice single action Rybchik brings with the break siren Zemgale with 3-2 in the lead (40.).

After only eight seconds played, a small preliminary decision was made in this match – Feoktistovs put down a pass from Rybchik in the goal of Calpa and it was 4-2 (41.). It was followed by waves of Kurbad to make the impossible still possible and the game may even do the turn. However, the defense of Zemgale was very safe and goalie Cinermanis had a good day. The final decision was made 31 seconds before the end – Julians completed with a single action to 5-2 (60.). With this away win Zemgale exchanges places with Kurbads in the table and is now third.

HK Kurbads vs Zemgale 2-5 (0-1, 2-2, 0-2)

Leader Mogo had today the table last, HK Lido, as a guest. The guests prepared Mogo for the time being with great fighting effort and went through Lyutov surprising 1-0 lead (14.). A power play left the hopes of the guests dwindling, Manonovs scored just a few minutes later the 1-1 (18.). Mogo relented and within 40 seconds Zelubovskis made it 2-1 (19.) and Ozolins 3-1 (20.).

After his break, Lido did not really get up to speed, Mogo did not allow much. In the middle of the period Saulietis used a pass from Lipsbergs to 4-1 (30.) and Teluskins with the preliminary decision to 5-1 (35.). Lido could not stop it, too heavily controlled Mogo the action on the ice. In the final period, the audience saw the same picture, Mogo clearly the better team and came to more goals – Mamonovs with his second goal to 6-1 (50.). The final point in this one-sided game sets Ozolins to 7-1-final score – also his second goal in this game. Mogo consolidates the championship lead.

HK Mogo vs HK Lido 7-1 (3-1, 2-0, 2-0)

In the match between Liepaja and Riga Prizma the hosts went through Visockis 1-0 in front (7.). In a balanced first period, the guests succeed only in a power play of compensation – Berzins utilizes a pass from Lipsbergs to 1-1 (17.). After the break a reverse picture – Pecura brings the guests for the first time in the lead and puts on 2-1 (25.). Of course, Liepaja pushed for the equalizer which should succeed a few minutes later as well – Kornilovs brings the puck in the goal under 2:2 (31.) after a great individual performance. Also in the final third, the audience got their money and were offered a quick game. Prizma was more effective in the odds and Lipsbergs scored the 3-2 (44.). It was followed by an open exchange of blows to the end. Towards the end, Liepaja Goalie Nazarovs went off the ice trying to make up the balance. Prizma was very experienced in this phase. After a quick counterattack, Marcinkevics scores in the final minute with an empty net goal to 4-2 and thus to the decision (60.).

Liepaja vs Riga Prizma 2:4 (1-1, 1-1, 0-2)