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KHL Season 2018-19 – 8.1.2019 Dinamo Minsk vs Slovan Bratislava (c) Anton Ziuzenok/Puckfans

Riga picks up a point at Severstal after a 2-3 defeat after overtime – Minsk defeated Slovan after Howden Hattrick 5-3.

After beating Dynamo Moscow, Riga wanted to play against Severstal today and earn more points for a play-off. Cherepovets wanted to refill after the victory against Slovan Bratislava.

For the time being, it looked very good for the hosts as well. Lapenkov puts Severstal 1-0 in front (9.) after Kudako’s pass. Riga put this goal away quickly and had the right answer ready – Darzins succeeds 34 seconds on the 1-1 (9.). There was a quick game and good chances on both sides. Riga uses Zile in an overwhelming situation and scores for the 2-1 lead (17.).

In the middle period it went back and forth – Dinamo brought itself by stupid punishments even in distress. However, you could prevent with balanced forces and a sure standing defensive compensation. In addition, Severstal at times acted too cumbersome.

In the final period there was the same playful image, Severstal with more game shares, but a safe Bilyalov could prevent bad with good reflexes. Two minutes from time Severstal coach Razin picked goalie Furch for a sixth outfield player. This measure was rewarded, Markovin achieved 18 seconds before the end of the well-deserved equalization to 2-2 (60.). This went into the over-time.

The decision was made for Severstal – Petunin scored after a solo attempt the 3-2 (64.). Riga took after a very good performance an important point in the fight for the play-off places.

Severstal Cherepovets vs Dinamo Riga 3-2 OT (1-2, 0-0, 1-0, 1-0)

In the match between Dinamo Minsk and Slovan, the visitors had a better start – Chipchura used a pass from Sukel after 46 seconds to make it 1-0 (1.). The cheers for Slovan had not died down yet, as Kostitsyn scored the equalizer just 17 seconds later to 1-1. That shock put Slovan down and Howden takes advantage of this phase to give Minsk a 2-1 lead (4.). After this turbulent start, the game weakened slightly.

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KHL Season 2018-19 – 8.1.2019 Dinamo Minsk vs Slovan Bratislava (c) Anton Ziuzenok/Puckfans

After the break Slovan had a good start again – Hrnka scores after a few minutes to 2-2 (23.). However, you then had to play in a sub-match. This lasted only 19 seconds and Howden brings Minsk 3-2 up again (29.). Just two minutes later, Howden hit the 4-2 draw – his third goal of the match (31.). Slovan did not really get back into the game, sometimes acting too cumbersome.

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KHL Season 2018-19 – 8.1.2019 Dinamo Minsk vs SLovan Bratislava (c) Anton Ziuzenok/Puckfans

In the third period Slovan came to three (!) Power-plays  in a row, but initially was the Slovaks a hit denied, probably because Minsk Goalie Enroth caught a good day. Shortly after halftime of the third Taffe succeeds in a power play the 3-4 (54.). Towards the end Slovan woke up a bit and put everything on a map. Coach Orszagh took Ciliak off the ice, but Minsk was lucky on his side. Stepanov scores 33 seconds before the end of the match-winning goals for 5-3 (60.). Slovan loses the fourth game in series.

Dinamo Minsk vs Slovan Bratislava 5-3 (2-1, 2-1, 1-1)