In a high-quality game Riga wins after 0-1 back with 2-1 to over-time and secures two important points.

In the previous two games against Dynamo Riga could win both, however, Dynamo could win seven of the last season games. It became an equal duel.

Dynamo right from the start the more active team – Shipyachov gives away the first good opportunity Gudlevskis has been able to distinguish himself. On Riga’s side, Videll was the driving force behind both front and back after Maione’s retirement. It was Videll’s first chance for Riga, but Bocharov was there too. Igumnov tried after a quick push with a shot that narrowly missed the goal. Riga was always dangerous in the counterattack and Bocharov was able to concede a goal against Dzerins at the last moment. Dynamo with the finer playful blade and after a great combination between Makarov and Bryukvin this fails the responsive Gudlevskis.

After the first break Riga came into the game better and Dzierkals and Balinskis could not beat the well-standing Bocharov. Dynamo took the lead with the first real chance in this section – Pepelyayev took a heart and pulled away, the puck jumped unhappily from the savers of the surprised Gudlevskis to 1-0 in the goal (22.). Riga was a little confused after this goal and Indrasis forgives his opportunity a little later. Dynamo had finally two more games that remained unused by the strong defensive work of Riga.

In the final period, Dynamo was looking for a quick path to the goal, but Hietanen and Shipyachov missed their chances. Riga came back into the game and found back to the usual strong building game. After a great preliminary work by Videll, MacMillan could not accommodate the puck in the gate, this jumps by a few centimeters by the gate. The pressure of Riga was higher and Dynamo hitched down. But the a patiently kept the disc in the game and after a passing of the outstanding Videll – Darzins scored the deserved equalizer to 1-1 (55.). It stayed that way and it went into the over-time.

Now Riga was clearly the better team and Videll forgives for the time being the victory. After a punch in the face of Shipyachov against Dzerins this had to the penalty bench and Riga came to a power play. After a time-out by Coach Ankipans Riga patiently played. After a shot Dynamos Cajkovsky remained injured, but the referees continued to play. Riga took advantage of the short confusion of Dynamo and Dzerins scored the 2-1 win (64.). This Riga wins against Dynamo and the third seasonal duel and approaches the play-off places again.

Dynamo Moscow vs Dinamo Riga 1-2 OT (0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 0-1)

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