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Leader Mogo has beaten at HS Riga 1-2 OS – HK Lido suffered a 4-8 debacle against Kurbad

The starting situation before the game was clear – leaders Mogo wanted to “pick up” the points at HS Riga. The opponent did not play with it and offered an exceptional performance. In the first period, the game was on equal terms of both teams with good chances. All that was missing was the goals and a 0-0 draw in the first break.

Also in the middle period the same picture, HS Riga demanded the favorites from everything and could continue to keep the game open. Towards the end of the section, Riga had to go into a losing game. Mogo knew how to use that but was also lucky. Just one second before the break Ozolins scored the lead to make it 1-0 (40.).

In the final stretch Riga risked more and sat down temporarily in the area of Mogo. In this phase, the well-deserved equalization – Zalans exploited a pass from Prohorenkovs for much-celebrated 1-1 (47.). Subsequently, both teams made the decision, there were no further goals. It went into the overtime, also here it was goal-less and it had to decide the penalty-shoot-out. Riga’s Skrastins is the only one who exploits his penalty, sealing the unexpected 2-1 win over Mogo.

HS Riga vs. HK Mogo 2-1 OS (0-0, 0-1, 1-0, 0-0, 1-0)

In the second game of the day, bottom league table HK Lido received the HK Kurbads. From the paper form a clear thing, but so easy Lido still wanted to give up beaten. The guests went according to plan after a few minutes by Paradnieks 1-0 in front (4.). Shortly after middle of the period Lido succeeds by Spilva in a power play the 1-1 (14.). The response from Kurbads was not long in coming – just under 90 seconds later brings Cipulis – also in a Power-Play game – the guests again in the lead – 2-1 (15.). Kurbads relented and a little later Straupe scored the pass from Bluks, the 3-1 (18.).

Lido, however, was not beaten yet. Kurbads came shortly after restart to a renewed power play. However, Ozols grabs the puck and shortens with a short-handed goal to 2-3 (23.). The guests did not let themselves go, and Upitis arrives shortly afterwards, 4-2 (25.). Kurbads was now the better team, and Lido weakened himself by penalties himself. The next goal for Kurbads resulted from a power play – Poreys meets after passing on Bluks to 5-2 (33.). Lido reared himself to just a few seconds before the second break Ozols uses a submission by Masteiko to 3-5 (40.).

In the final third, the guests are now really pressure and after a few minutes, the game was finally decided in favor of Kurbads. Homjakovs exploits a pass from Paradnieks to 6-3 (42.), and Brancis – after passing of Straupe – to 7-3 (43.). These quick goals conceded Lido from the concept and after a nice single action by Homjakovs scored this the 8-3 (49.). Lido did not give up despite the clear backlog, but more than one more power-play golfer from Galsons for the 4-8 was no longer inside (53.). With this clear away win Kurbads remains in the top 3 of the league, which would also mean a participation in the new “Baltic League” in the 2019/20 season.

HK Lido vs. HK Kurbads 4-8 (1-3, 2-2, 1-3)