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HK Välk wins at Narva PSK 10-3 – Viking Tallinn outclasses Everest 14-4 and Kuznetsov scores four goals.

Today’s matchday in the Estonian League was about the championship lead. Välk could reach the first place with a victory, at the same time Viking Tallinn meets the tail light Everest. In both games it was a clear affair.

The first match on today’s matchday contested the neighbors Narva PSK and HK Välk 494. It was for Välk at the same time to the championship lead. The better start had Narva – Iljin brings the hosts quickly with 1-0 in the lead (4.). However, Voitsekhivskyi scored the equalizer to make it 1-1 (5.). Välk had more times in the game and had some good chances. Shortly after mid in first period, the preliminary decision in favor of Välk fell – the lead for the lead to 2-1 (13.), Robushkin continued with the next attack and increased to 3-1 (14.) and Parras was not behind and recycled his chance to 4-1 (15.). Välk then took the pace out and Ilya was able to shorten shortly before the break to 2-4 (18.).

After the break Välk took the pace out of the game and controlled the action. Narva could not be so dangerous anymore, the Välk defense was too sure. A few minutes before half-time break Välk clarifies the situation with a double whistle – Parras scores with his second goal to 5-2 (27.) and Garanin scored the 6-2 (28.).

In the final period Narvas uses one of the few chances – Bogdanov shortened to 3-6 (43.). Afterwards Välk relented once more and accelerated the pace – Sokolov meets to 7-3 (48.). In this key it continued – Voitsekhivskyi with his second goal to 8: 3 (51) and Gusyin to 9-3 (53.). After this hit Välk wanted to celebrate a double-digit success, which also succeeded. In the final minute Parras fixed with his third goal the 10-3 (59.). This leaves you in the race for the top of the table.

Narva PSK vs. HK Välk 494   3-10 (2-4, 0-2, 1-4)

After the clear victory of Välk Viking Tallinn was under pressure to improve Torverhöltnis. This was the bottom of the table today and it was a clear matter. The game was decided on after the first period. Kuznetsov brings the league leaders in the first minute in the lead. Svarogin relented two minutes later and put them 2-0 up (3.). Then Viking took a back seat. Only in the middle of the period Silandi hits with a double strike to 3-0 (13.) and 4-0 (14.). A few minutes before the first break Kuznetsov tells the 5-0 (18.) and Novikov shortly afterwards the 6-0 (19.). With the thoughts already in the cabin succeeds Motsekevisus the first goal to 1-6 (20.).

Everest gave this goal more courage and Lupanov was able to shorten after restarting to 2-6 (22.). Viking did not hesitate and made short work. Two minutes later Gristsenko scored the 7-2 (24.). It was the expected one-sided game and after halftime of the period Kolenchukov increased to 8-2 (31.). Viking continued to dominate the game, Kuznetsov with his third goal to 9-2 (36.). Only a minute later, Fedoruk scores the 10-2 (37.) and Gristsenko with his second goal – the 11-2 (38.). Seconds before the second break, Novikov filled the dozen and scored 12-2 (40.).

The Vikings also set the tone in the final section – Kuznetsov crowned his performance today with the fourth goal in this game to 13-2 (41.). After a nice move Rybakov succeeds in the 3-13 (51.), but by return Tihhominov scored the 14-4 for Viking (52.). The final point in this one-sided game, however, Everest – Romanov scored the 4-14 (60.), but there was only more pure earnings cosmetics. With this clear victory Viking Tallinn claims the league lead in the Estonian Hockey League.

HC Viking Tallinn vs. HC Everest 14-4 (6-1, 6-1, 2-2)