© Zuzana Sefcovicova

Miroslav Satan Exhibition 2018 Team White & Team Blue © Zuzana Sefcovicova

Miroslav Satan – one of Slovakia’s best ice hockey players says goodbye to the audience with a gala.

This career reads like the “Who’s Who” in ice hockey, he achieves everything you can achieve in this sport – Miroslav Satan. With a gala he says goodbye to the Slovak audience.

With the national team, he won the world title in 2002, two years earlier, second place, and in 2003 the bronze medal. Now, Satan brought this “miracle team” back to the ice for his farewell.

A 10,055 sold-out Ondrej Nepla Arena in Bratislava provided the framework, and they were (almost) all come, the then contenders for gold and were re-celebrated as heroes: Peter Bondra, Ivan Droppa, Marek Uram, Jan Lasak, Michal Handzus, Ladislav Nagy, Peter Pucher, Jozef Stümpel, etc. The coach was Jan Filc, Julius Supler and Marian Hossa, who could not be active on the ice because of his illness.

© Zuzana Sefcovicova

Miroslav Satan Exhibition 2018 Bratislava Ondrej Nepla Arena © Zuzana Sefcovicova

The spectators were offered the finest hockey, Satan himself acted one and a half third each team. In the second break, Satan’s daughter Victoria showed her skating skills in figure skating. In the final third, Satan also brought his son Mirko on ice, which turned a penalty against Laco and also a very interesting goal, after passing his father (!) could achieve. After just under three and a half hours, Miroslav Satan and all players with a sea of ​​lights and standing ovations were celebrated for several minutes. This event was also for a giten purpose, the net proceeds went to institutions of Slovak junior work in ice hockey.

Michal Handzus after the game: “It was a real pleasure for me to be together with the old friends on the ice again. It was really a lot of fun.” Miroslav Satan put on it: ” I was very happy that almost all of my invitation followed and promised, some had to cancel unfortunately. Still, it was a great evening and I think the audience liked it and I say THANK YOU.”

Miroslav Satan© Zuzana Sefcovicova

Miroslav Satan Exhibition 2018 Bratislava Ondrej Nepla Arena #18 Miroslav Satan © Zuzana Sefcovicova

Satan has been General Manager of the Slovakian Association for one year. After the past few years were not marked by success, secured the services and a lot of experience, and the path of youth was taken.

Satan himself born in Topolcany comes to his home club “Talent-Company” Dukla Trencin. There one became aware of this exceptional talent very soon and in 1993 he was drafted by the Edmonton Oilers. During the 1996/97 it went to the Buffalo Sabers where he was under contract until 2003. After a short return to Slovan Bratislava, Satan moved back to North America, for three years to the New York Islanders. With the Pittsburgh Penguins he secured the win of the Stanley Cup. For the penguins, Satan also had his only “fight” in his entire career. A year later, Pittsburgh went to Boston for a quick break and then back to Slovakia. He won the title in 2012 with Slovan Bratislava. Two years later, an injury forced him to a long break and Satan ends his career at the end of the season.