Hockey Punks lose 0-6 at home to Elektrenai – Goalie Ponomarenko celebrates first shut-out in the current season.

The game could not start better for “Energy” – already in the fourth minute Aliukonis scored – after presentation of Vitte – the lead to 1-0 (4.). The Hockey Punks were just about to put away this quick goal, as only 56 seconds later Baltrukonis hit the 2-0 (5.). Then, after another minute Isaev increased to 3-0 (6.), the game was decided. These three goals in two minutes gave the champion the necessary certainty to let the game go, the hockey punks were not able to influence the game even remotely.

The second period was a copy of the first one “Energy” had a strong start. Hockey punks brought a certain amount of hardship into the game and Trukšnys had to sit in the penalty box. Energy knew how to use this magic advantage, Katulis alone – his eighth goal of the season – scored 4-0 (23.). Only two more minutes were there again Power-play for the guests and Milasius meets with his first goal of the season for 5-0 (25.). The hockey punks came only occasionally to attacks, overpowering was the serene opponent. Shortly after the middle of the period, Kazlauskas makes it clear with the 6-0 final. (34.) – his ninth goal in the current season.

The final period was not very playful, there were numerous hardness deposits. Nine minutes from the end, Karteniui had to be treated after a serious foul, followed by a scuffle. The referees took Energy’s Vitte with a 2 + 10 + 2 penalty minutes and Kazlauskas’s fellow goalkeeper took a two-minute penalty. Even cards from the punks had to cool down in the penalty box. However, this 5:3-Power-Play for the hockey punks remained without scoring. Energy clearly wins this game 6-0 and goalie Ponomaremko celebrates his first shut-out of the season.

Vilniaus Hockey Punks vs. Energy Elektrenai 0-6 (0-3, 0-3, 0-0)