Kaunas celebrates with a 11: 2 at Iron Wolf the fifth victory in a row.

The visitors did not have to wait long for the first goal – after 34 seconds Edwin Boroškos put the hosts in the lead – 1-0. Kaunas took a few minutes to put away this quick lead.  Streckis succeeds after passing from Čugajus 1-1 (5.). The joy did not last long because Marcinkevičius brought the “wolves” again in front and meets to 2-1. From this point on, the game now belonged to Kaunas, who played all their strength. Within a minute Kaunas change this match Kumeliauskas meets on the template of Jagelavičius to 2-2 (10.) and Mikheyonokas scored the first-time lead to 3-2 (11.).

After the first break Kaunas continued this show. – Guoga increases to 4-2 (22.) shortly after the restart, Jagelavičius scores 5-2 (24.). After this hit went Iron Wolf Goalie Kaminskas from the ice and it came Jukna. This did not fared better and had to accept the first goal after only two minutes. Guola uses a power play and scored the 6-2 (26.). Kaunas relented and the same minute Jagelavicius made it 7-2 (26.) with his second goal in the game. Then the pressure of Kaunas eased and put the slow gear. Even that was enough, because Guola scored his third goal of the night, the 8-2 (36.).

Iron Wolf was also in the final third no longer available and had to accept more hits. Stephanssonas with his first shot on goal scored the 9-2 (48.). Only two minutes later, Kumeliauskas also increased his hit account and scored the 10-2 (51.). Now it was enough Goalie Jukna and Kaminkas came back again. The final point was Kaunas – Jagelavičius provides with his goal to 11-2 (58.). the final score.

Iron Wolf vs. Kaunas Hockey 2-11 (2-3, 0-5, 0-3)