After an exciting game, Dinamo Riga had to beat Kazan only after a penalty shoot-out with 1: 2 beaten.

Dinamo Riga wanted to continue the winning streak with four wins in a row against Kazan. The hosts were defeated last time in home game against CSKA with 0-5.

Kazan had a better start in this game – Potapov and Sekac had the first chances. Riga was always dangerous in the quick counterattack and after a pass from Clark to McMillan, he barely missed the puck. Riga goalie Bilvalov was able to distinguish himself a few times later – pass of Klinkhammer on Lander and this fails the Latvian goalkeeper. After an ideal pass from Potapov to Lander, it was brought down by Myttinen. In the subsequent power play Svitov and Postma awarded the lead for Kazan. In the meantime, Gegeris had a chance of a short hand, but he forgives the shot over the goal. The last opportunity before the break had Riga failed by Alyayev to Kazan Goalie Podyapolski.

The game remained exciting even after the break – Kazan took the train to the goal, Glukhov and Svitov found their master in Bilyalov. In return, it was Razgals who missed the opportunity for Riga to take the lead. Yarulin tried it like Pedan with a long shot that did not cause Bilyalov any problems. A few minutes before the break, Riga came back for another power play and Kazan goalie was suddenly in the spotlight. He was able to defuse shots from Alisauskas, Maione and Balinskis. At the end of the penalty Sekac came to another opportunity, it remained goalless after two periods.

Kazan went into the final section with a power play, while Riga’s Gimayev was sent to the penalty area shortly before the break. Sidorov tried twice, but failed. For Riga, Videll tried, and he was denied a hit. A little later Galiyev was on the train, he wanted to deceive with a loop Bilyalev, but the goalie was wide awake. In a rush phase of Riga also fell the leadership – Balinskis fits Redlihs and this defeats Podyapolski – in the second attempt – to 1-0 for Riga (48.). It took less than a minute and Kazan had a power play. This was used promptly – Sekac fueled by the defense of Riga and meets to 1-1 (51.). After this hit, not much happened and it went into the overtime.

As Kazan found more chances, but Bilyalov prevented a hit by Klinkhammer. Shortly before the end of the over-time Azevedo had the victory in mind, but was stopped at the last moment. It had to decide the penalty shootout. Sekac converts the decisive penalty and Kazan wins against Dinamo Riga 2-1.

AK Bars Kazan vs. Dinamo Riga 2-1 (0-0, 0-0, 1-1, 0-0, 1-0)