Baltic Challenge Cup 2018 – Vilnius/Lithuania #27 Siim Liivik (Team Estonia) (c) Franz Berger/Baltics Media

The 30-year-old Estonian striker, Siim Liivik, fulfilled a childhood dream – playing for the Baltic Challenge Cup 2018 for Estonia for the first time.

Before the first game against Latvia B Liivik was visibly tense. When asked if he was nervous, Liivik replied, “Yes, I’m really nervous, I’m having a long dream today, I’m playing for my homeland for the first time.” Siim, you as “Tough Guy” are nervous ?: “It’s really so, I’m very excited, it’s something special for me, and an honor to wear the national jersey”.

The first game was equal to a “Baltic derby” opponent was Latvia. In the game itself Liivik was mostly playable, racketeers front and back. Both the defensive and the offensive, the brawny striker was always fullest use, but Latvia’s defensive did not generally give Estonia many chances to score. The first penalty for Estonia hits Liivik, which, however, remained without consequences. Latvia took the lead in the first third, extending the lead in the middle third. Although Estonia scored the first goal, but Latvia made everything clear in the final third. In the end Latvia wins 4: 1 over Estonia.

After the game, Liivik was ready for a statement:

Siim, how do you feel after your first big game in the national jersey: “I feel good, for me what a fun experience, it’s a child dream to play this jersey also be present at the home World Cup in Tallinn in April 2019.” 

In the game itself you had too many Penaltys, was that the decisive factor for the clear defeat? “Yes, the many penalties were not good, we also had one or the other power-play for us, unfortunately did not put our chances in goals in. In the final third we had a “Black-Out”, where we conceded two goals within two minutes. It must not happen, it’s not good, we have to learn from it, we had a good “Penalty-Killing”, everyone was there for the other, we only have 2-3 professional players, but everyone can learn from each other.”

Will we see you next year at the Tallinn World Cup?: “I really hope, it’s really a dream for me to play a World Cup in my own country.”

Thank you very much and all the best for the future: “Thanks too for the Interview.”