Baltic Challenge Cup 2018 – Vilnius/Lithuania #40 Vladislav Verbitsky (Team Belarus) (c) Franz Berger/Baltics Media

21-year-old Vladislav Verbitsky celebrates the only shut-out of the entire tournament.

During the Baltic Challenge Cup 2018 in Vilnius, Metallurg Zhlobin placed almost the entire squad of the Belarusian B-team. Including a 21-year-old, previously unknown, young goalie – Vladislav Verbitsky.

It should be the best game in the current career of the 1.93-large giant. On matchday three, the duel against hosts and local hero Lithuania, who could only win against Japan in the penalty shoot-out. Belarus lost to Japan and thus Lithuania was forced to win to reach the final. It became one of the best games in the entire tournament. Both teams had set open visors and there were scoring opportunities churning.

Both goalies, Armalis, on the side of Lithuania and Verbistky were under continuous fire, which put the shot-off statistics at the end of 46:39 to the test. Belarus took the lead after just under three minutes. This was followed by a hockey game of the very first kindness. There was attack on both sides and both goalies had to do everything they could. Armalis was the Routnier and already had more experience, for Verbistky it was the first ever game in the national team. Lithuania pushed for the Belarusian leadership on the compensation, but the young Goalie grew beyond himself. Twice the Lithuanians already raised their arms to cheer, but Verbitsky prevented the goal with almost unbelievable and quick reflexes.

In the final period of Belarus had luck, as after a shot by Rumsevicius the puck hits only the gate. Even at the end, when Lithuania threw everything in the balance, the nerves of Verbitsky stood firm. After the final siren, he was very happy and satisfied that he had won a shut-out in his first game for Belarus.

After the game, an overjoyed Verbistky said: “It’s a great feeling to play” to-zero “in my first match in the national jersey, I’m very proud of it, Lithuania really played very strong and we had some luck with the pole shot but that’s part of it too.”

What are your other goals, after all, at the age of 21, there is still a lot to be said: “My dream is to get into the KHL to our team, Dinamo Minsk, if I continue to work on myself and also get the chance, I can do it create.”

The conditions are certainly present for the 21-year-old and 1.93m tall goalie, he really deserves a chance