LT Hockey League

Kaunas Hockey do not give the hockey punks a chance in a 9-3 victory – Mikheyonok scores a hattrick.

In the previous two clashes, both teams won their home game. Kaunas was accordingly motivated after two wins in a row and of course wanted to continue the winning streak.

Kaunas immediately put pressure off the starting bully and after just over two minutes Mikheyonok scored the 1-0 (3.). The hockey punks were able to get away with this early goal and almost half of the period Zheltakov scored after a solo attempt to make it 1-1 (10.). The men of Kaunas awoke this goal, and again fight the game. a few minutes before the first break Mikheyonok brings – with his second goal – Kaunas again with 2-1 in front (19.). The Punks acted too aggressively and had to take 11 seconds before the break sirens the 1-3 by Streckis (20.).

Shortly after a minute of play in the middle period Kaunas was awarded a power play, the punks had after a carelessness too many players on the ice. The host takes this opportunity and Jagelavičius increased to 4-1 (22.). Kaunas was now clearly the better team, even in the underpaid game was without conceding. This superiority was also implemented in goal, Stephansson meets for 5-1 (29.). Shortly after halftime Mikhoyonok was able to top his mark, with his third goal he scored the 6-1 – and also the preliminary decision in this game (33.). After this hit Kaunas switched back a gear and went with a comfortable lead in the final third.

The final third was a clear affair for Kaunas. With a double strike from Petrauskas to 7-1 (43.) and 8-1 (48.), the host made everything clear. The hockey punks were without any chance today. Although scored Švedavičius with two goals – after each stop by Rybakov 2-8 (53.), And in a power play 3-8 (57.). These hits were much too late. The final was played by Guoga, who scored after an ideal pass from Mikhyonok to 9-3 in the final minute (60.). Kaunas’s Mikhyonok was with three goals and an assist man of the game.

Kaunas Hockey vs. Vilniaus Hockey Punks 9-3 (3-1, 3-0, 3-2)