In a thrilling match, Dinamo Riga kept the upper hand at Spartak Moscow with a 3-2 draw.

Dinamo Riga was a guest at Spartak Moscow today. Both teams had to take defeats last – it was a duel at eye level.

The better start had Dinamo – Pavlovs and Batna had the first chances. Spartak’s first opportunity came in an underpaid game – after a quick push, Maxwell plays Lisin, who barely missed. A few minutes later Spartak, Talaluyev on Nikontsev but Gudlevskis was at the post. Shortly after the middle of the period Dinamo went through by the 19-year-old Gegeris 1-0 lead (12.). Moscow was a little confused and then Riga hit again – Videll to Maione who takes over directly and puts to 2-0 (13.). That was a wake up call for the Spartans, who were now pushing. But Daugavins and Zubov could not exploit their chances.

After the break Spartak was on the trigger, and Trunyov immediately bombarded Gudlevskis. After a mistake from Hudacek Meja comes to the puck, wanted to press the puck with a peasant trick over the line. But Hudacek went backwards in his goal and could prevent this hit. Dinamo came only sporadically before the gate of Spartak which forced the Latvians to mistakes. One of them resulted in the first goal – Leshchenko comes in his own zone to the puck, starts a solo and with a lush shot he scores to 1-2 (27.). Spartak continued after Gudlevskis also kept his nerve against Bobrov and fended off. The last opportunity before the second break was Videll, but Hudacek was not outsmarted.

At the beginning of the final period, Riga had to go into an underpaid game. Spartak saw his chance and put a lot of pressure. That paid off, because seven seconds before the expiry of the penalty Kulik meets deserved 2-2 (46.). Towards the middle of the period, Dinamo came to another power play. After a patient play setup Clark made for the 3-2 (50.). Spartak wanted to equalize on the spot, but Gudlevskis could not claim the killings of Kuteikin and Nikontsev respectively. Spartak hauled Hudacek off the ice 80 seconds before the end, but Riga defended with a man and a mouse and clinched this important victory.

Spartak Moskau vs. Dinamo Riga 2-3 (0-2, 1-0, 1-1)