LT Hockey League

A cutting game brings Kaunas Hockey their first ever away win in the current season.

The game was clearly at the beginning of Kaunas Hockey. After just 125 seconds, Žiūko scored a pass from Girdžius to 1-0 (3.). The guests had a power play a little later and Nikulino increased to 2-0 (11.) one second after the finish. A few minutes after the break Iron Wolf approaches, Numavičius shortens to 1-2 (24.). It evolved to the delight of the audience an exciting game in which only the goals were missing. There were no more goals in this section, Iron Wolf came to power play a few seconds before the break and took this into the final stretch.

The final period began with a penalty for Kaunas – Stephansson he must because for Interference on the penalty bench. Iron Wolf now had a 5-3 player majority on the ice. The hosts took advantage of this opportunity and Vilnius defender Krukovski scored the much-rebuilt equalizer to make it 2-2 (42.). Kaunas was out of favor for a moment after that goal, and Krukovski put Vilnius in the lead for the first time in the match, scoring his second goal in the match (47.).

Despite the fast goals and the surprising leadership, the home team could not implement their playful moments and also received penalties. Kaunas was more effective in scoring chances in power play and Čugajus scored the 3-3 (51.). A little later Morozov uses a carelessness of the Vilnius back team and brings Kausas – also in power play – again with 4-3 in front (55.). Iron Wolf was visibly shocked. The final point in this game was set by just under 120 seconds later Čugajus, who scored the decisive 5-3 with his time hit (57.).

With this victory, the Kaunas hockey team is, at least temporarily, in second place. Vilnius Iron Wolf remains in last place with three points on the account.

Vilnius Iron Wolf vs. Kaunas Hockey 3-5 (0-2, 1-0, 2-3)