Dinamo Riga had to be defeated in the home game against Amur with 0-1 – Avtomobilist loses for the first time after 19 wins against Barys 1: 2

After the redemptive victory against Admiral Vladivostok today Amur Khabarocsk was a guest in the Riga Arena. In the away game the Latvians had to take a narrow 1-2 defeat. Therefore, Revanche was announced – with Colton Gillies, who was back after his long time for Dinamo …

The better start, however, Amur. Dinamo came to power play, but had to concede a goal. Darzins stumbles in the game, Zhelezkov came to the puck, plays a wide pass on Dedunov who leaves Gudlevskis no chance – 1-0 (3.). Riga went into this power play with even more commitment, Maione and Videll fail to Alikin. Amur was always dangerous in the counterattack, but Riga was also lucky in this phase. Jordan shoots from the blue line, the puck jumps from the pole under Gudlevskis back into the field to Rasskazov, who was a bit surprised and the Latvian goalie could secure the disc in time. The hosts continue to be under a lot of pressure and Alikin prevents with good reflexes opportunities for bullets from Clark or Sotnieks. Riga had even a few seconds a 5-3-Power-Play, but also Videll forgives his opportunity.

Dinamo also set the pace at the beginning of the middle period. Darzlins tried a solo through the defense of Amur, puts on the free-riding Redlihs, however, a touch comes too late and missed the puck just barely. Shortly afterwards it was Clark, he fails to Alikin. After that, there was a brief urge phase from Amur where Jordan – of the blue line – and Pyanov could not take their chances. After a shot from Atyushov Gudlevskis could only briefly deflect, and Gimayev brings the puck out of harm’s way. Riga has now become stronger, but a sure-footed goalie Alikin prevents the equalization of Videll or Gillies with great saves.

Also in the final third Rige tried with much pressure in the build-up to score to come – Gillies forgives his chance and Redhlis’s shot went just off. As the game progressed, Riga was in control of the action but kept reeling in the low defense. In this situation, Alikin defends a shot by Redlihs too short and Maione comes too late. Only towards the end did Amur wake up a bit. In one of the rare moves Pyanov takes off on Zohorna who does not bring the puck past Gudlevskis. Ankipans took a time-out two minutes before the end and with the first attack from Riga, Gudlevskis went out of the goal. Videll had seconds before the end of the balance in mind, but Alikin held Alikin this close success.

Dinamo Riga vs. Amur Khabarovsk 0-1 (0-1, 0-0, 0-0)

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