Avtomobilist celebrated their 17th victory in the 17th match with a 5-1 victory over Sibir – Dinamo Riga conceded the sixth defeat in a row against Kunlun.

Dinamo Riga got involved with Kunlun Red Star today. The Chinese also signed a contract with Barry Brust, who returns to the KHL after a season in Switzerland. Sporty Kunlun could take five points from the last five games. Recently, there was a 3-2 win with Admiral Vladivostok. Dinamo Riga, meanwhile, has been waiting for victory since 25th September. In this game, there was also a brother duel between Krisjanis Redlihs on the side of Kunlun and Mikelis Redlihs at Dinamo Riga.

Already in advance, both could not write in the scoring, only Mikhelis was in the second period of the penalty statistics. Kunlun goes through Lajunen with a 1-0 lead (15.) with five minutes to go. In the Miitel Period, the guests increase Palola 2-0 (35.). That hit fell at the moment when Mikhelis Redlihs’ penalty had expired and he came from the penalty box.

In the final period woke, as has been seen in recent games, Riga. More than Dzerins’ goal in a power play (53.), it was not enough. Chest in Kunlun Tor could not be defeated. Dinamo tried again to equalize. This hope was dashed by Yyp’s Emty Net goal and it sealed Kunlun’s 3-1 win in Riga.

Dinamo Riga vs. Kunlun Red Star 1-3 (0-1, 0-1, 1-1)

Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg today received Sibir Novosibirsk. So the duel was so undefeated championship leader against the clear league laggard. The guests did not make Avtomobilist easy and so they had more in the first period of the game. The lead hit but they did not succeed. Yekaterinburg probably recognized the situation in the first break and now the home team designed the game. Mikhail Mamkin also managed a 1-0 lead in the 23rd minute from a powerplay-like situation, and halfway through the game Francis Pare was able to beat the leaders 2-0 with his one-timer.

In the final third Sibir increased by lurking in front of the goal Stepan Khripunov to 3-0. Sibir managed in the 52nd minute by Alexander Loginov in defeat at least the consolation goal. The final point was again Avtomobilist – Grachyov made inferior to the 5-1 final score. Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg scores well in the 17th game and remains unbeaten at the top of the table in the East Conference.

Avtomobilist Yekaterinenburg vs. Sibir Novosibirsk 4-1 (0-0, 2-0, 2-1)

further results:

CSKA Moscow vs. Admiral Vladivostok 2-1 OS (0-0, 0-1, 1-0, 0-0, 1-0)

Dinamo Minsk vs Lok Yaroslavl 2-5 (1-0, 0-2, 1-3)

SKA St. Petersburg vs. Cherepovets 2:0 (0:0, 2:0, 0:0)