Eishockey, Vienna Capitals - EC-KAC

#72 Siim Liivik, EC KAC 2018/19 (c) Andreas Urban/Baltics Media

The great wish of 30-year-old striker Siim Liivik is to play for his country at the 2019 World Cup in Tallinn.

At the moment, the brawny striker in the EBEL (Erste-Bank-League) in Austria is under contract with the EC Klagenfurt AC (KAC). As part of a big game in the league, Siim Liivik was available for a short interview:

Baltics Media: Siim, nice to meet you and thanks for your time. My first question to you is, how do you feel here in Austria and why the KAC?

Siim Liivik: “meet you too, thank you. I feel very well here, a well-balanced league, and also very good players here in the team. The management is also very professional. After about 450 games in Finland, I wanted to get to know something different.”

BM: Before you came to the KAC, you also played in the Swedish SHL and in North America during your long career. How were your experiences there?

SL: “My experiences were very good in these two seasons. You always learn something new. But I also always liked to return to Finland.”

BM: You are also in your prime, the subject of national team is an issue. You have already played for Finland in the U20.

SL: “Yes that’s right, it was the Juniors team. I’m a born Este, but my dad took me to Finnlanzum Ice Hockey Games. The conditions were simply better than in Estonia. Therefore, it was and was my greatest desire for my country to play. From the part of the IIHF there should be no problems.”

BM: Have you been nominated for the “Baltic Cup Challenge” in Vilnius in November?

SL: “Yes, definitely, I was invited to this tournament to play for Estonia. It’s going to be a big event, as a strong team from Belarus, who have descended from the Top Division, are also at the start. At the same time, this is also a benchmark for next year’s IIHF World Championship DIV IB, which takes place in Tallinn, in your own country. There is nothing better than playing for your country in your own country.”

BM: Keyword Tallinn, on October 26th, a game from the KHL between Jokerit and Spartak Moscow in Tallinn will take place. What do you think about this, will that give a certain punch for the ice hockey in Estonia?

SL: “Yes, I think so. With such a game you can already see the level played in this league. Also for the viewers this will be a big event. It has also been seen that there was a boost in the youth field when Lithuania rose to DIV IA in April this year. I also have a hockey school for children in Estonia. You can tell in general with the people, the interest in ice hockey is there.”

BM: Siim, thank you for your short time and good luck today at the game.

SL: ” Thank you too also for the talk.”

The interview was conducted by Franz Berger / Baltics Media