Hockey Punks

With the second victory in the league the Hockey Punks win against Kaunas 2-1 after Over-Time and retaliate for the 2-9 defeat three days ago.

Today there was the “return game” between the Hockey Punks and Kaunas Hockey in Vilnius. The first game Kaunas had won three days ago clear 9-2, the Punks wanted to rehabilitate themselves of course with the local fans.

In the first period, Kaunas Hockey clearly dominated the action and were also in the shot statistic with 16: 4 clear progress. The logical leadership for Kaunas is done by Alexander Mikheyonokas of a pass from Steckis to 1: 0 used (6). The Hockey Punks team reacted and used one of the four shots in that period and Laisvydas Kudrevičius equalized to make it 1-1 just before half-time (19.).

In the middle period, Kaunas played harder and received the necessary penalties. Overall, the hockey punks let six power plays in spite of very good chances to shoot unused. At the beginning of the third period, both teams played the game much more cautiously, it was dominated by the defensive work. Towards the end of the game, the punks had a great opportunity to take the lead through a penalty. Edgar Rybakov fails to outsmart his Lithuanian counterparts – Kaunas goalie Arthur Pavliukovo waited a long time to prevent the goal.

It remained at this level until the end and it was the first time this season in the over-time. In this Sarunas Kuliešius proved his routine and scored – after preparation by Rybakov – the winning goal to 2-1 (64.). With this result, the Hockey Punks took the second victory in the current championship.

Vilnius Hockey Punks vs. Kaunas Hockey 2-1 OT (1-1, 0-0, 0-0, 1-0)