Sibir win against Dinamo Riga thanks to three goals from Romatsev 6-3.

Sibir was able to play for the first time in the last week this season – 3-2 vs. Vityaz – win and wanted to take advantage of the low form of the Latvians in their home game. Dinamo Riga wanted to end the series with four defeats in a row in today’s game at Sibir, after all, they had won the first meeting in Riga.

At Dinamo today Bilyalov was in goal from the start and Riga also had the better start. After just under 90 seconds, the first power play for the guests, who also tried to build pressure immediately. Maione fails with a long shot at Sibir’s goalie Krasikov. Sibir could then free himself from the clutch and came back into the game. Bilyalov prevents a Vorobey goal with a good reflex. Two minutes later, the happy lead for Sibir – Maione could be behind the own goal, the puck of Bodrov, this plays back to Peshekhonov, who netted from close range to 1-0 (11.). Riga took that hit and picked up the pace again, taking Chance by Chance – Maione with a long-range shot, and Clark’s attempt just knocked Krasikov away. Shortly before the break, Videll tried, but his shot went just over the goal.

Sibir took the momentum from the first period after the break and had a power play in less than a minute. In this Bilyalov had to claim within a few seconds against Mikhailov, Sharov and Piganovich. Dinamo came only to discharge attacks, Pavlovs fails on Krasikov. Sibir boosted the pace a few minutes after the middle of the period and laid the foundation for a home win. Within 21 seconds of the same minute, Romantsev scored the 2-0 after a pass from Peshekonov and after a solo attempt to finish in the corner the 3-0 (33.). After this hit Riga Coach Ankipans reacted and brought for the first time this season Tretjak – he had a helmet from his last CSKA team on – for Bilyalov on the ice. But it took just under 75 seconds because he had to grab behind him – Mikhailov scored the 4-0 (34.). Riga came only sporadically in front of the Sibir gate or tried it with long shots, such as. Maione. Tretjak prevailed against Loginov. In a shot just before the break from Dugin he had no chance – the tough shot goes over the shoulder into the corner – 5-0 (40.). Was that the decision in this game?

As in the games before Riga woke up “only” in the final period. After passing Dzerins Clark succeeds with the first attack of the first goal to 1-5 (44.). A few minutes later, Bodrov was sent by the referees with a 5 + 20 penalty (slashing) in the cabin. Riga risked everything and Ankipans took Tretjak off the ice for a sixth player. It took almost a minute and Clark succeeds in the 2-5 (47.). Riga pushed on and was lucky, Sibir Goalie Krasikov shot the puck out of the danger zone and narrowly missed the empty goal. Dinamo still in the majority – Maione shoots from the blue line and it was 3-5 (49.). After this penalty Sibir came to chances again, Tretjak could stand out against Yakovlev and Shashkov with great reflexes. More than four minutes before the end, Riga again took Tratjak out of the gate and was recently lucky that Tkachenko could not accommodate the puck in the empty goal. On the opposite side Krasikov had to stretch properly to prevent further hits by Myttynen or Scvorcovs. The final decision was made 90 seconds before the end – Romantsev gets the puck and scores the 6-3 (59.) – his third goal this evening with an empty net goal. After this hit the enthusiastic fans threw their caps on the ice in recognition of this achievement. Sibir seems to have made it out of the crisis, with Riga starting after the fifth defeat in a row the big thought.

Sibir Novosibirsk vs. Dinamo Riga 6-3 (1-0, 4-0, 1-3)