Kaunas Hockey Teams

Kaunas celebrates his first win in the championship with a 9-2 over the Hockey Punks – three goals from Guoga.

In the first period, it was still a balanced game by both teams. Despite many good chances to score, only one goal has been scored – David Streckis brings after an ideal pass from Stephanssonas Kaunas 1-0 in front (13).

After the break Kaunas put on a gear and went very early in the lead – Yevgeny Čugajaus utilizes a template of Ziukas to 2-0 (23.). Vilnius did not go back and only a few seconds later Arthur Švedavičius shortened to 1-2 (23.). Despite the guests’ quick counter-attack – whose joy did not last long – Dmitry Pokopenkov scored the 3-1 (28.), and the two-goal lead was restored. Kaunas striker Guoga provided an incredible show shortly thereafter. Despite three times underplaying his team, the striker scored a hattrick to 4-1 (31.), 5-1 (34.) and 6-1 (38.).

After this heavily used agent period, the Kaunas cracks made only the most necessary. That was enough against this opponent and Alexander Mikheyonokas scored the 7-1 (47.). The guests from Vilnius did not give up and Kudrevičius succeeds another hit – he shortens to 2-7 (55.). Towards the end of the game Kaunas Hockey once again showed their playful strength and put them in goals to Stephanssono increased to 8-2 (56.). The final point was again Streckis, who scored his second goal this evening the 9-2 (58.) and sends the hockey punks home with a debacle.

Kaunas Hockey vs. Vilnius Hockey Punks 9-2 (1-0, 5-1, 3-1)