LT Hockey League

Elektrenai Energy celebrates their third consecutive win with a 6: 3 victory over Vilnius Iron Wolf.

Prior to the match, with a view to the upcoming 2019 World Cup in Kazakhstan, Elektrenai announced the commitment of Lithuania national team defender Arthur Katule.

Elektrenai was the game-determining team from the very first minute and put pressure on Iron Wolf. It came as it had to come Constantine Isajevas brings the Gastegber 1-0 in the lead (3.). Six minutes later Deividas Kazlauskas increased – after pass from Aliukonis – to 2-0 (9.). Barely a minute later Kazlauskas scored – with his second goal – 3-0 (10.), and only six seconds later (!!) Arturas Katulis scored the 4-0 (10.). After this hit Iron Wolf Coach swapped the goalies, Kaminskas came for Juknos. Kaminskas managed to keep his goal clean for a long time, but he had to accept the 0-5 through Dmitry Beliakova (18.) just before half-time. Thus, the preliminary decision had fallen very early in this game.

After the break and after a very successful first period, Energy took the pressure off and did only the bare necessities. Iron Wolf took this opportunity during this section. Within 47 seconds Boroškos and Bisturys scored 1-5 and 2-5 (37.).

In the third period, Elektrenai returned to its strengths and Andrew Židkovas scored for 6-2 (46.). However, Iron Wolf was still fighting and Rabčukas scored the byplay of Bisturys the 3-6 (54.). The guests then found two more high-profile chances, but could not accommodate the puck in goal. This leaves energy the only team without defeat.

Elektrenai Energy vs. Vilnius Iron Wolf 6:3 (5:0, 0:2, 1:1)