Omsk vs. Riga

Avangard Omsk – Dinamo Riga #13 Gunars Skvorcovs, #18 Matthew Maione, #55 Yegor Martynov, Arena Balashikha © Robanser

In a strong game Avangard enters a safe 5-2 victory over Dinamo Riga.

In the last game of the day, Avangard Omsk hosted the Dinamo Riga team. The guests after two home defeats wanted to build on the good performances in away games. Omsk won the last seven games in a row and wanted to continue this series.

With the first attack Avangard also took the lead – not thirty seconds played as Mikheyev pulled off, Gudlevskis bounces off the puck and Shirokov dusted off to 1-0 (1.). Avangard controlled the action, Riga simply did not come into play. Fisenko tried a long-range shot that Gudlevskis could barely beat. After another good combination Yemelin had the empty goal in front of him – Gudlevskis was too far out of the goal – but he was too hasty and put the puck over the gate. Riga’s first chance came in just under six minutes, but Myttynen’s shot was not a challenge for Murygin. The first power play had Dinamo, and Darzins missed twice the chance of equalizing. Omsk continue the clearly better team – Martynov and Fisenko forgot their chances for now. A little later it was time – after a shot from Perezoghin Gudlevskis leaves the puck, Semyonov is right and dusting to 2-0 from (13). Dinamo rarely came to the Anagard goal – Videll bze. Gegeris could not use their chances.

After the break, Dinamo had the first chance through Sotnieks – but that’s about it. Actually, it was only Omsk that played in the area of Dinamo. Franson got the puck on the blue line, which carries the puck towards Dinamo Tor. Guslevskis was so surprised that the puck under the saver to 3-0 in the goal (22.). In this key it went on – Galimov puts his shot next to the gate and a little later Gudlevskis could still hold the puck gear. In one of Riga’s rare attacks, Murigy came to the puck, serving Mikheyev with a long pass. This was alone on Gudlevskis, leaves this no chance unt meets the 4-0 (33.). Dinamo was overwhelmed and Omsk left more chances. It gave Perezoghin, Franson and Martynov very good opportunities to score more.

Apparently there was a cabin prescription from Riga Coach Ankipans in the second break, as the team suddenly showed fighting power. For now Maione forgave his chance. A little later, Videll refills by laying on Myttynen and this shortened to 1-4 (44.). Avangard responded but Perezoghin and Semyonov fail Gudlevskis. In a 4-4-game-situation Riga knew how to handle it better, and after a pass from Maione Videll succeeds the 2-4 (49.). The host was now awake again and put a gear to: Koshelev with a shot over the goal, Medvedev to directly on Gudlevskis. The final decision was made five minutes before the end of the match – Pokka moves away from the half side and the puck goes past friend and foe to 5-2 into the goal (55.). Shortly thereafter, Perezoghin – after passing on Martynov another chance, for Riga awarded Zile another goal.

After the game, Avangard coach Bob Hartley analyzed this game: “We started well and scored the first shift 1-0, so the first 40 minutes were very good. In the third period we made mistakes and Dinamo showed his strengths in the fight – that’s the Latvian mentality and 80% of the team are Latvians.”

Avangard Omsk vs. Dinamo Riga 5:2 (2:0, 2:0, 1:2)