Klaipeda Arena

Klaipeda Board blessed hockey development is crucial SAB project (c) Cloud

On Thursday n Klaipeda was made a very important decision for the region and the entire hockey sport development-supported sports ground base (SAB) for construction.

While some politicians questioned whether the project was necessary for the city, the council gathered in two Klaipeda hockey schools that had doubts about the importance of the project to the city. This sports training for children who have been attending for years must train Akropolis’ ice arena, which is not specialized, so it will not be possible to develop full-fledged training.Professionals use this ice was even more difficult because after a dash of glass too often ruined the time.

Despite the difficult training conditions, the young ice hockey players in Klaipeda repeatedly surprised his performance. The HC Klaipeda U-10 team even managed to revise the history of the Latvian hockey game when it became one of the country’s best league champions.

Due to the importance of the project, the municipality of Klaipeda and the association “Hockey Lithuania” recently visited Dainius Zubrus, who emphasized the necessity of such projects in ice hockey in the country.

“The time has come when the country began to suffer in the ice arena, this ice rink in Klaipeda is really necessary, looking to the future – and other cities need to build a skating rink, which is the most important thing that is currently missing in Lithuania “, – said D. Zubrus.

The new draft SAB Klaipeda should fundamentally change this situation. The sports complex planned two ice skating, figure skating and speed skating rinks that greatly facilitate the athletes training in Klaipeda. In addition, the complex will be five universal space with training and competition will be able to develop handball, basketball, indoor football, volleyball, tennis and badminton representatives. It is also provided in the project and squash and curling adapted sports game.

After discussion, the council decided that the decision to postpone the vote and we should not be blessed SAB project – the 19 councilors voted in favor and five abstentions. The complex construction and management of the concession will be transferred to the private partner, with whom a contract will be concluded for 25 years.

source: www.hockey.lt