A great first period of Barys Astana allows a 7-3 away win at Dinamo Riga.

Dinamo Riga wanted to rehabilitate after the 1-4 defeat against Sochi among the fans. However, today was the Kazakh Club Barys Astana guest. A not easy to play team, won the last two games, respectively, after overtime.

Riga started the game today with Bilyalov scoring the first goal in the first attack by Barys: Petterson scores a quick pass to Cormier in front of the goal to score 1-0 (1.). Only a minute later there was power play for Barys. It took only 50 seconds and Bilyalov conceded the next goal. The re-activated Bochenski lays down on the waiting on the blue line Dallman the direct takes over and to 2-0 applies (3.). The first good opportunity for Riga was after 8 minutes – Darzins on Myttynen fails to Karlsson. Shortly thereafter, Zanetti plays on Razgals, but he forgives this opportunity. In a 4:4 game, Valk plays through Riga’s defense, leaves for Mikhailis and meets the 3-0 (13.). Then Bilyalov left the ice and Gudlevskis came. This measure did not work – after about 40 seconds Shevchenko shoves the puck in the direction of goal, Dietz distracts it and the disc jumps from the crossbar to the pole and then behind the line – 4-0 (16.). Dinamo just did not make a match and just before the break Valk marches through Riga’s defense and makes the 5-0 (19.). A very black period for Riga, but with “Dinamo” – calls were accompanied by the fans in the cabin.

After the break, a changed gameplay, but was also due to the fact that Barys took his high speed out of the game. Riga in the forward and Darzing forgives his opportunity and a little later Dzierkals fails after a solo at Karlsson. The hosts tried to build pressure, but Barys was very close on the defensive but allowed himself to be punished. So Riga came to a 5:3-Power-Play. Coach Ankipans risked everything – took a Time-Out and then Gudlevskis from the ice, so there was a 6:3-majority on the ice. This measure paid off, because only a few seconds after the fourth player from Barys came back, Myttynnen scored to 1-5 (35.). The catch-up could begin. Bary’s only dangerous shot on goal in this section came from Dallman. Dinamo continue in forward gear – Zanetti with a long shot, or Razgals fails to Karlsson. Just under a minute before the break, there was again a power play for Riga. Ankipans repeated his previous action, taking Gudlevskis off the ice, so there was a 6 4-majority on the ice. And again it was successful – Maione pulls off the blue line and hits 25 seconds before the break to 2-5 (40.). Under the cheers of almost 10,000 visitors, it went into the final third.

Shortly after restart Darzins gives the first chance and the second attempt he loses the puck to Petersson, who fed on Gudlevskis alone, but was forced out in time by Alainiauskas. Barys was now more active again and after a pass from Petersson Cormier meets to 6-2 – he still plays around Gudlevskis and pushes the puck across the line (47.). Only twenty seconds later there was Power-Play for Riga – Gudlevskis again out of the goal to have a majority of field players. Darzins passed to Clark, who finds the gap and hits with his long shot in the Corner to 3-6 (49.). Short Maione tried again, this time Karlsson could hold the puck. More than four minutes before the end, Coach Ankipans took Gudlevskis off the ice to risk everything again. Now the final decision was made. After a long tee shot from Cormier to Petersson, he still manages the puck and scores from an acute angle by means of an empty net hit the 7-3 (57.). With this goal, the game was decided in favor of Barys. In the last three games, none of the goalies, neither Gudlevskis nor Bilyalov, played a full game. Maybe you should give the young Tretiak a chance.

Dinamo Riga vs. Barys Astana 3-7 (0-5, 2-0, 1-2)